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Want wooden door with environmental properties, the real wood door

Now with the rising of living standards, people begin to pay more attention to is my life.Conditions for environmental protection in the process of household decorates is very demanding.Cabin in the middle of the wood door industry environmental protection properties of wooden door,Window Shutter is real wood door.So small make up take you to learn about today, bring their own environmental protection properties of real wood door.A real wood door, materials, environmental protection is the overall completely with solid wood door.Nowadays the material of relatively popular roughly elm, Korean pine, wood, Chinese catalpa wood, northeast China ash, beech, etc.Compared to that under these materials are environmentally friendly.Second, the process of environmental protection in the present of some wood in the manufacturing process is on timber as main materials, the rest of the filling way of production, so it is difficult to guarantee filler is environmental protection,Window Shutter Wholesale the real wood door is depend on the completely real wood manufacturing and famous, all of its environmental protection are obvious.Three, both inside and outside material in the main structure as doorcase tenon connection, enchase door core board, belong to the high-end products.Its biggest feature is the internal and external material is the same.Finally: real wood door is refers to the production of the material of wooden door is taken from the forest of natural wood or solid wood line, (also known as real wood material or wood tooth material), after drying, cutting, shaving, tenon, eyelet, high-speed milling shape, assembly, polishing, paint and other scientific processes, and with no deformation, corrosion resistance, no crack and heat insulation, etc.Along with the improvement of people’s life, environmental protection consciousness enhancement, Window Shutter Factory more and more high to the requirement of product, combined with real wood is durable, and belongs to the manufacturing and log is a product of green environmental protection low carbon, so more popular with everyone.

Measure whether the interior door installed qualified?These will be enough

Home to install door leaf, because we are not professional, so whether the installation for indoor door can reach the standard can only according to their own aesthetic, and on the whole seem appropriate measure, in order to ensure that the installation of the door leaf CRD perfect, understanding of the standard installation is necessary.So today small make up to the standard installation on the Shared with everybody,Indoor Shutters when installing doors don’t have to left see right to see don’t know how to measure, so the friends in need, quickly stamp come in and see whether the installation of the doors of your house standard.About indoor door installation, maybe we all know to install the door first and then the door leaf, and to the requirement of the door is usually need horn line alignment, in tight junction formation, no black seam phenomenon appears, with metope between foam rubber processing will smooth uniform, the door leaf is also a need to so in all aspects to level off, vertical, and the gaps between the door cover is generally under the seam between 6 mm to 7 mm, Indoor Shutters Wholesale the rest of the three is best in 2 mm, depending on the thickness of the door leaf, the tolerance required by the nature also is different, so our home outfit 40 mm thick door leaf the allowed tolerance is between 0.5 mm, in a closed condition, the combination of doors and door cover to close together, there will be no oscillation.And hardware is also a time for indoor door installation cannot ignore the important part of the installation after whether we should pay attention to its fixed firmly,Indoor Shutters Factory of course, we must be to give it a try, whether hinge opening and closing flexible, the use of the lock can be very flexible all we need to verify one by one, but I still want to remind everybody is, after we installed doors, take a look at the overall effect how, have seen the surface scratches.But on the whole, indoor door after installed, beautiful and safe and practical is the most important, so friends can according to the installation of these doors to weigh our home oh ~

Look at their wooden door, “bulge” is what look like?

Paint on the wooden door, can appear a lot of problems, including a particle, namely we often see the wooden door of bulge phenomenon!Look at their wooden door, “bulge” is what look like?There is something wrong with wooden door need not worry!Suit the remedy to the case, to avoid mistakes twice!We must first clear wood doors bulge phenomenon, the phenomenon of the manifestation of the particle, this is because when the paint were adhered on the surface of the coating of dust, –, foreign bodies, etc.The reasons for this phenomenon there are 6: Custom Shutters (1) there are dust, sand and other debris got into the paint.(2) the deployment of paint, the bubbles in the liquid paint without financing construction, especially in the cold weather is easy to appear the phenomenon of bubbles scattered don’t open, make the dry paint film surface roughness.Impurity (3) the construction environment, a dust and sand falling in coating, or painting brush tools such as sticky stuff.(4) the basic level processing, blatantly grinding is not smooth, dust, sand is not clean.(5) thinner, improper use, solvency is poor, cannot be completely dissolved coating, cause particles.(6) curing agent use undeserved, incompatible with paint, cause particles.Small make up think at six countermeasures are: (1) mixing good paint brush before,Custom Shutters Wholesale must through the filter cloth, to remove debris.(2) after the oil paint deployment good, should let stand for 10 to 20 minutes, bubble spread out before using.(3) windy weather or dusty places is unfavorable for the construction, had just finished brush paint to prevent dust pollution.(4) at the grass-roots level uneven application of putty fill and level up, then use sand paper burnish is smooth, wipe again after dust brush paint.(5) the use of form a complete set of thinner and hardener.(6) coating surface has produced rough phenomenon, can use sand paper burnish is smooth, then brush the paint again.For advanced, can use sand paper or sand sand wax, wax polish, polish finally, bright.A perfect construction process, is to put all the construction related according to the time order, comprehensive and concise, focused out, be subcontracted according to the process, track their construction work, is the most efficient, most perfect, no waste of construction process.On the premise of no any missing, don’t spend any time for useless things, but the important thing is to spend the most time.For each point of the control right,Custom Shutters Factory the final result must be perfect!Like the paint construction of wooden door too, must be in the process of the paint before the after carrying out, according to the time sequence, complete, concise, focused training and focus on guidance of construction workers, also in the concrete practice to deepen, to ensure strict data show, you just to make wooden doors bulge, it also drum up!

Want to wooden door if brightness is new, waxing work less

Wax has better protective effect to the wooden door, real wood door to prevent moisture intrusion, and also have good resistance to dust, but also to a certain extent, increase the degree of finish, make the wooden door if brightness is new.But if the waxing method is undeserved,Wooden shutters will produce the phenomenon such as white, circle mark and color.When maintain wood wax so it is important to note that the following matters.Preparation work before waxing: 1, choose wax fine weather.Rainy days high humidity, wax produces the phenomenon of gonorrhea.When the room temperature below 5 degrees, wax can harden and wooden door.2, before waxing, remove the rubbish and dirt on the surface of the wooden door.Use vacuum cleaner to clear rubbish and dust on the surface of the wooden door, the neutral detergent to wipe after using dilute the stain on wooden door, the difficult to remove stains, water wipe.In order to prevent the detergent product out of the groove, the dishcloth to soak the detergent as far as possible dry.Wood surface, especially the groove part, carefully wipe, don’t residual detergents.Such as detergent and residual moisture will cause surface efflorescence, ballooning.3,Wooden shutters Wholesale fully dry.Wooden door and grooves of the surface of the water completely dry to rear can wax.According to different season, the dry wait time will change, but are usually more than half a day.Wood wax, such as has not been fully dry, will not closely adhere to the surface of wooden door, also can affect beautiful, produce white phenomenon.Waxing method: 1, shaking containers of wood wax, and fully stir well.The whole before waxing wood door of the room in the corner is not marked place such as local trial, confirm the presence of abnormal.The line that play a base to prevent pollution of wood wax wall and furniture, want to use adhesive tape paper cover of the above parts.2, fully immersed with clean dishcloth dips in wax, wooden door with not dripping advisable.Do not pour wood wax directly on the wooden door, otherwise it will produce mark stains and circle mark.3, in the direction of the wood wood door carefully daub, don’t leak or uneven.Daub quantity too little will cause uneven shades, Wooden shutters Factory blotted out too much and can lead to poor membrane.To keep its thickness uniform is the key of wax.4 wax, wax tools can be used for mop, easy operation, the effect is ideal.5, please do not touch wood wax dry before wooden door, drying usually takes 20 minutes to 1 hour.6, if there is leakage, can be in the first time after waxing completely dry up.7, once every six months or so to play wax, can keep the beautiful wooden door for a long time.

Solid wood door and door plank optima which good solid wood door plank and the advantages and disadvantages of the lacquer that bake door

Real wood door solid wood door plank is drawn from the natural log of the forest to make the door core, through dry processing, and then by cutting, shaving, tenon, punch, high speed milling process such as science.Real wood door chooses is rare wood more, wait like cherry wood, walnut, teak, after processing the finished product door has no deformation, corrosion resistance, no crack and heat insulation, etc.At the same time, the real wood door for good sound-absorbing, and effectively play the role of the sound insulation.Real wood door natural wood grain texture and color, to advocate return to natural decorate a style of family, is undoubtedly the best choice.Real wood door there is a kind of tender feeling since time immemorial, luxuriant appearance, not only exquisitely carved, and diverse styles.Price of real wood door is because of the differences among wood materials, texture, Vinyl shutters etc.Market price from 1500 yuan to 3000 yuan, including high-grade real no of walnut, cherry, Sally Billy, rosewood, etc., and the doors of the finest teak for $3000-4000 yuan.General high-grade solid wood door do much better in the dehydration process in action, the relative moisture content 8% the left and right sides, after forming such wooden door is not easy to out of shape, craze, use time will be longer.Door plank of the lacquer that bake lacquer that bake, namely the spray paint door plank of junior chamber heating drying process.Its advantage is colour and lustre bright-coloured, have very strong visual impact, good surface finish, easy to wash, moistureproof, fire prevention performance is good.The back door of the lacquer that bake is multi-purpose density board as the backing material, for three poly amine hydrogen, process complex, processing cycle is long, the price is relatively high.Vinyl shutters Wholesale High-grade PU paint door type on the piano lacquer that bake and metal (car) of the lacquer that bake, metal paint better than that of the piano lacquer that bake.Due to use the paint surface quality is difficult to distinguish, if claim to high-grade PU (polyester paint), and the price is very low, completely can be judged, almost impossible to use high-grade environmental protection paint.When choosing paint door do not for a temporary surface brightness and confused, when you had to use cheap paint door, you will find that under the soot pollution, the time is not long can change color, luster will gradually disappear.Door base material of the lacquer that bake is density board, the surface bakes entrance lacquer through eight gush (three on three sides and bottom, two light) high temperature baking and become a kind of process, namely through into the chamber heating dry paint after spray paint processing base material door plank.Paint plate is characterized by bright color easy modelling, have very strong visual impact, very beautiful vogue and waterproof properties is good, fight corrupt capability is strong, Vinyl shutters Factory easy to clean.The disadvantage is that demands a high technological level, high rejection rate, so the price is high;Also want to care, when using relative afraid of knock against and scratches, are difficult to repair, but a case of damage to the overall replacement;Suit to look and quality request is higher, the pursuit of fashionable young high-end consumers.

Learn to real wood door, to make an outfit of eternal youth

Renovation is a word in our lives is not very strange, generally speaking, a renovated because this has a practical value, just not as glamorous as before on the surface, the real wood door and our home outfit also is so, after using for a long time appeared the phenomenon of not beautiful, we can use the renovation to deal with.But a lot of friends don’t really know what to how real wood door renovation will do a good job, Interior Shutters today small make up teach you our domestic outfit real wood door want how to do a good job of refurbished.In our real wood door renovation, paint color of real can choose at will.However, it is important to note that if the original wood door paint is used oil, and darker, use light color of the paint cannot cover, unless it is the original color with a darker color cover.If the original is that mix oil, there is no limit on colour, want to change what color is ok.Generally from the classification, there are three kinds of oil paint, polyester paint, lacquer and alkyd paint.Polyester lacquer to become film with relatively more, faster and the effect is better;Lacquer dry faster but thin film, need to paint a lot of time, a big easy efflorescence and humidity;Interior Shutters Wholesale Alkyd paint is a product of the earlier and dry more slowly and use less and less in in decorating.And renovation in our indoor door, if there is problem, is our real wood door that renovation also depends, if just appear scratch the surface and difficult to erase the stain is slight damage, you can consider directly paint coverage.Finished real wood door is generally on wax, first you need to use real wood door again in order to improve the adhesion of the paint of sand paper burnish, then brush primers and paint directly.In general, spray paint brush two primer paint can be three times, each time takes 4 to 6 hours to brush paint, the second times workers to figure is fast, every 1 to 2 hours, brush paint the second time, paint film is not dry, affect the final result.In the process of renovation construction, is certainly will meet polishing, so we need to pay attention to when I was in grinding, fine emery cloth must be used for grinding, this not only makes the smooth surface of wooden door, such as new, its adsorption of the paint film is better.Real wood door renovation in indoor, so small make up recommend best unloaded door into a room dedicated to spray the effect will be better.There is no dust, reducing environmental pollution; Interior Shutters Factory Both the front and back of the door to see very clear.If directly spray on the door, easy to produce the mist spray, influence line of sight, thus affecting spray effect.In short, the real wood door renovation is also a more meticulous work, we certainly can’t lightly more cannot ignore.

What is the ecological real wood door Ecological real wood door selection skills

Ecology, it is a comprehensive concept of environment, including all kinds of comprehensive factors: sound, light, water, geology, afforestation and resistance against natural disasters such as the natural environment;Ventilation, ventilation, sunlight, lighting, cleanliness, air temperature, relative humidity, building materials, decorative materials and construction technology of indoor space environment.According to the ecological index, the room temperature shall be maintained throughout the year between 17 ℃ ~ 27 ℃, relative humidity between 40% ~ 70%.Home is the key to environmental protection and health, it is higher than the standard of “green furniture”, not only has the hardware requirements, and cultural aspects of demand, pay attention to the harmonious coexistence of man and nature.Ecological real wood door “is supposed to be an element of the” ecological home “, Wood Shutters in this sense, the ecological real wood door should pay attention to ecology, pay attention to the harmony of man and nature, should be a humanistic products.Ecological real wood door should be real wood door, composite door, more than often can see some social connotation in it.Ecological real wood door is established on the basis of given priority to with natural, use the natural conditions and artificial means to create a conducive to live, comfortable, healthy products.Ecological drawn now real wood door, solid wooden door, the facade material is an important factor of door of ecological environmental protection, mostly start from the hardware structure and material, many manufacturers have adopted different materials on the market, there are organic polymer plates, imported panels, metal aluminum sheet, there is even a leather, if the panel materials used can not meet the national ecological environmental standards or international standards, are directly or indirectly health effects to the human body.Jia kai house Co., Ltd. Xiamen Goodwood Industry Co., ltd. facade choose German imports of polyester ecological material processing, the surface of the door leaf panel has many unique style design, wood products choose pure ecological region, international team of Industry expert technical guidance, effectively avoid the common real wood door easy to distort, easy cracking and other defects;With ecology, moisture-proof, deformation, not cracking, good sound insulation effect, formaldehyde-free pollution, the wear-resisting, withstand voltage, prevent deformation and prevent fade has certain improvement.Is the most environmentally friendly fashion indoor decoration products.Ecological advantages of real wood real wood door can truly reflect the ecological effect of household, is a revolutionary creation in the field of interior door bedroom and disruptive products, will have certain cross time significance.Because it will not only environmental protection, Wood Shutters Wholesale concise, vogue, durable performance more hasten is perfect, can also give more humanistic factors, it is rare in other kinds of products, and now the whole wardrobe, move the door modern household is a good match, such as ecological real wood door in the market now has reached the general consumer’s affection.(a) ecology real wood door: function and beautiful both;The product through the development of special design, not only retained the traditional wooden door aesthetic and use function, further expand and improve the wooden door of health environmental protection (no mildew, no paint) and protection (sound insulation, waterproof, flame retardant) function.(2) the ecological real wood door, style is outstanding;Combining traditional process with modern wood processing technology and widely used in the production of ecological real wood door, the design concept of diversification and high quality Mosaic type got fully, make real wood door first take environmental protection suit door design concept of new areas.(3) ecological real wood door: environmental protection, suitable for home life;Ecological real wood door to keep the environmental performance of real wood, at the same time in all production process to achieve environmental protection, no formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances.And no paint damage, no mildew and function of sound insulation, flame retardant, to ensure the living space, office space, green environmental protection, healthy and comfortable.(4) the ecological real wood door: outstanding features, widely used;Ecological real wood door “deformation, contractive, not fission, moistureproof, flame retardant, simple structure, convenient construction” and so on seven big features, favored by users, and become another bright spot of decoration industry.Widely used in the real estate developers, shopping malls, hotels, hotels, office buildings and home decoration, has a broad market prospect.(5) the ecological real wood door: high-grade, affordable, modelling elegant, fashion style manifested, environmental protection, cost-effective, has increasingly become the decoration of choice for products.As a result of the above characteristics, the ecological real wood door in the next few years, to speed the occupation of broad market space.At present, the real wood gluing technology widely used environmental protection technology, in the domestic start-up, for various reasons, the international similar products on the market at present is lack, jia kai house large-scale production ecological real wood door, improved the advantage of competition between industry, to pull the door industry economy, the region has far-reaching significance.Ecology of real wood door about how to choose 1, the material is preferred.The choice of raw materials, auxiliary materials directly determines the quality of the wooden door.At present the craft of high-grade wooden door brand mostly solid wood composite materials.They both keep many of the advantages of natural fact wood, and avoid the defect of the solid wood easy to deformation and cracking.Wooden door is green, with the glue is also key, so suggest you ask the salesman about glue when wood of choose and buy brand and indicators.2, is production process.Currently on the market of high-end real wood processing cycle is in 20 to 30 days.Relative to board type furniture, the technology of the door is more sophisticated, drying of need course lumber, rough machining, polishing, sealing side, many 30 working procedure such as the flat can assure door leaf and the paint that slip like the silk like lens face texture.Door open number frequency is very high, choose to go up so not only should consider modelling, environmental protection, the key also depends on quality and durability.3,Wood Shutters Factory is to choose the bedroom door.Now, there are many types of bedroom door, bedroom door manufacturers are also growing.Should notice when the choose and buy factory credibility and after-sales service attitude.

Take steps acceptance after sliding door is ok?

The original sliding door is used only for the bedroom or between change clothes wardrobe sliding door, but with the development of technology and diversification of decorate a method, from the traditional plate surface, to the glass, cloth art, the cane makes up, aluminum alloy profile, from the sliding door, partition door, folding door to the function of the sliding door and use scope expanding.In this case, the use of the sliding door began to become rich and diverse.In addition to the most common type of partition door,Door Jamb sliding door is widely used in bookcase, mural ark, sitting room, showroom, push-pull type door, etc.Sliding door is installed, should inspect the following aspects: 1. The tear to check after the appearance of the doors and Windows are in good condition, without knock against, scratches;The inspection door of vertical degree;Shaking doors and Windows, check whether there is too much within doors and Windows in the slide rail, Door Jamb Wholesale slide rock;Check the doors and Windows and wall body between the gap is uniform and consistent.2. Push and pull a few times repeatedly doors and Windows, check the following items: whether push-pull smooth, no card lag phenomenon;If there is a sound when sliding door window;If after close the doors and Windows sealing good;Lock button (or keys) whether light works.3. Check the hardware quality, can check the product declaration form and of certificates of country of origin.For a small nails, the imported screw course metal carbon burning disposal, no blister, unique cohesion sex strong, thin thread, avoid being damaged during the process of open, and defect screw will present “dislocation” in using process.4. Check carefully whether the doors and Windows of edge, Angle of perimeter of the acute Angle and burr;Note left phone manufacturers and installation, maintenance department, in order to contact at any time;Keep the doors and Windows of contract, warranty,Door Jamb Factory invoices and other important documents.Are widely used in many families to save space push-pull type window, push-pull type window does bring more convenience to our life.But compared with the traditional single open, outside doors and Windows, sliding door during the inspection, acceptance of the need to pay attention to more problems.Let you decorate good grasp of the sliding door acceptance skills don’t worry.

Domestic outfit knowledge required course of wooden door

Domestic outfit knowledge required course of wooden door, wood color with bedroom environment when our family is warm color when bedroom environment, relatively wooden door can choose the warm color, such as: Burma gold pomelo, north American cherry, Burma teak, Africa, the sand Billy,Window Shutters the African rosewood red mahogany (annatto), Malaysia, north American black walnut, etc (oil) wooden door;When moved for cool color when bedroom environment, should choose a bit more shallow wood door relatively, if mix oily flat wooden door series (suitable for contemporary and contracted style) or Indonesia white wood, European beech, Canadian maple, etc.2, wooden door and furniture color wooden door should is close to quite with the color of furniture, should schoolfellow covers dumb mouth to keep consistent (now the suit door of a lot of window that contains form a complete set, the dumb mouth, skirting board, line that protect part, such as:Window Shutters Wholesale Beijing Malaysia (wood), should have correspondence with metope colour quality, such as: wooden door (mostly white) with mix oil had better let metope lacquer contain colour, such ability can let a room have administrative levels feeling, unapt too “smooth” also can make room effect feels particularly pure and fresh.Three, wood color and the ground colour is the colour of the ground as far as possible to maintain same quality sex with the harmony of wooden door (e.g., cold, warm), and, of course, it is best not to.In order to prevent ground with metope muddleheaded not clear, abate bedroom space feels big, or the sun a good room, Window Shutters Factory can choose deeper black hu tao, can creating an itself of more composed atmosphere effect colour is beautiful, there is no right and wrong, coordinate in collocation completely on, however, if you are not sure when the idea, you can choose white (mix oil), white is the most not easy to get wrong color, also can communicate with designer or wooden door sales staff is great.

Heavenly things dry, be careful wood cracking deformation

Once in summer, many cities have launched the “barbecue” mode.And woodiness product at the time of the temperature, the higher inflation will be more obvious, so the summer for the maintenance of wooden door will pay attention to prevent its cracking and deformation.Although the winter cold, but the air is relatively dry, plus indoor heating baking, for wooden door is a test, therefore, in the winter of wooden door maintenance is also important.General manufacturers can adopt the method of high temperature and high pressure drying,Plantation Shutters make lumber is out of shape not easily, not easy to decay.Also can achieve the characteristics of waterproof.In addition to the three times four times primer paint coating, can ensure the surface is smooth and avoid collapse, thus ensuring the effect and quality of wooden door, can be closed.Use of protective wax and special detergent evenly coated on the surface of wooden door, not only can make the wood more luster, and also will be moistureproof.Choose friends must pay attention to the wooden door, summer shall promptly remove the moisture in the room, open a window ventilated take a breath or using some desiccant products, such as activated carbon.In hot weather, more should avoid to use wet cloth to wipe wooden door and cause real wood door not deformation.Everyday in the use of wooden door, door leaf to often keep the closed position, in case of collision, damage.Special period,Plantation Shutters Wholesale heating in winter, should keep indoor and ventilated, make the wooden door at normal temperature and humidity environment, it’s better to keep temperature at 20 degrees, relative humidity between 40% and 80%.In order to avoid caused by uneven heating causes both sides door leaf temperature door leaf out of shape, craze.Here is to remind consumers, if the installation of wooden door is the first time for the winter, in the home found some deformation, don’t be nervous, this is the reason of heat bilges cold shrink, may with the end of the heating season, wooden door will recover gradually.If there is no recovery, generally the brand wood has warranty, as long as find merchants home maintenance.Door plank relationship the whole door face, clean, bright door plank can let who sparkles in the home.In daily cleaning will be carefully treated, can use soft, dry cotton cloth or silk to wipe, do not use hard cloth to wipe, otherwise it will scratch the surface, in cleaning up the dust on the door, inconvenience when using a soft cotton cloth wipe, can use a vacuum cleaner to remove, if there is a serious stain,Plantation Shutters Factory door plank can use neutral detergent or furniture special cleaning agent, dry wipe again after cleaning stains first, don’t rinse, wax regularly is one of the effective methods to keep the surface bright.Also, the edges and corners of wooden door place do not often friction, so as to avoid damage to material of facing of edges and corners of fade.

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