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Cloakroom door maintenance method

[] the clothings in the home that living standard rises ceaselessly also more and more, pure chest with cannot satisfy our demand, cloakroom arises at the right moment as The Times require.How should cloakroom door maintain this problem is a lot of people can ignore.Next small make up to give you an introduction.One, door of cloakroom introduces some cloakroom is to use toilet to change in and become,Window Shutters time grew to be able to have stink, can use bamboo charcoal to divide flavour at this moment, bamboo charcoal can be absorbed quickly, the formaldehyde inside decompose bedroom, sulfide, nitride, benzene waits for harmful material.Of course, if the floor drain is not sealed that is another thing to say, if it is a solid wood want to seal can not seal, if it is a density board can be removed from the floor to cover the pipe mouth with plastic sheets and then sealed with glass glue.Should avoid as far as possible when using cloakroom open close cloakroom, because cloakroom can have dirt to enter in the process that open, and enclosed condition can avoid this kind of circumstance, cannot say to do not use cloakroom of course, suggest to be able to close the door of cloakroom in time only when using.When there is dust in the cloakroom, use a feather duster or a soft cloth to remove dust. If there are stains on the surface, use sand and wax to wipe it away. Wipe the hardware with a soft cloth.Ii. Maintenance of finished doorsWhen using wooden door normally, avoid by all means suspends weight on the door or let child hang on door leaf play, lest reduce service life.2.When opening and closing door leaf, avoid by all means is overpowered, or open Angle is too big, can damage wooden door not only so, serious meeting injury reachs person safety.3.Cannot make wooden door is in damp environment for long,Window Shutters Wholesale lest product is out of shape.Door leaf inside and outside temperature, humidity cannot have bigger difference, lest wooden door warps deformation, craze.4.Wooden door splashes on water to apply dry cloth to wipe clean, lest produce layout to expand.5.Do not wipe the glass too hard, so as not to damage the glass and hurt people.6.When removing dirt of wooden door surface, use soft cotton cloth to wipe, scratch the surface easily with hard cloth.When smudge is too heavy, can use neuter to clean agent, toothpaste, soap water or furniture appropriative clean agent, dry wipe again after going to smudge.7.Pay attention to soaked neutral reagent or moisture cloth do not be placed in the wooden door surface for a long time, otherwise it will damage the surface, make the surface finish material discoloration or peeling.8.Pay attention to the edges and corners of the wooden door do not rub too much, or it will cause the edges and corners of the paint off.9.Hinge, lock often mobile accessories, loose, should immediately tighten, hinge location noise should be timely oil, lock open inflexible can be added to the right amount of lead core foam, not casually oil.When wooden door sealing edge has local peel,Window Shutters Factory usable iron mat is dry cloth irons its firm.Cloakroom door in the maintenance of the door should pay attention to the dry wipe, do not use a strong corrosive detergent and other chemicals, to prevent damage to wood materials.Also should not overexert oneself to prevent wooden door to be out of shape in use, influence is beautiful.

There’s a trick to choosing a door

【】 at present the door breed on the home installs the market is multifarious, good and bad are intermingled, the choice of the door concerns a lot of problems, if decorate the collocation of the style, the durable sex with long time to wait.
Therefore, the choice of the door of knowledge.
Bedroom door advocate the bedroom door that sees material to choose material basically is to carry material to pledge, have plywood door, real wood is compound roughly (weigh craft compound real wood door again), log door (pure wood) 3 kinds.
Plywood doors are mainly engineering office buildings and other multi-purpose, not suitable for home decoration.
The door core stuff of real wood compound door is pure real wood, Plantation Shutters but it is pine or fir commonly these are not rare tree species, face layer base material USES medium density fibreboard or perforated particleboard, the surface sticks wood skin, after classics high temperature hot pressing is made, seal an edge with real wood line.
This kind of door formaldehyde content exceeds bid badly, the stand or fall that differentiates paint when noticing choose and buy, additional, the sound insulation effect that core board USES high density board is poor, core board USES Chinese fir namely the effect of thick core board is a bit better.
Generally this kind of material is not suitable for use in the place with heavier moisture, often appear door frame is out of shape, the lower part of the door leaf appears discoloration and peeling.
Log door is the personage inside course of study compares praise highly, use a kind of lumber, inside and outside consistent, environmental protection, sound insulation, durable, real log is made.
This kind of door basically is to see wood kind producing area, manufacturer actual strength, brand public praise, paint quality, make craft to wait.
If you want a white door, you’d better use a log door.
Kitchen door is waterproof moistureproof kitchen is much water, have open fire and smeary heavy, common lumber not only not waterproof, catch fire easily still, and clear extremely hard, so the kitchen installs wooden door inappropriately.
So, how should kitchen door choose?
Below general circumstance, the kitchen must want to consider to connect appear sex, waterproof moistureproof sex and sealing sex, so, should choose the door that takes glass, and the door that needs to take chunk glass, glass had better be pervious to light.
Can facilitate the communication of the person inside and outside so, Plantation Shutters Wholesale the most important is the effect that can have segregation lampblack, prevent lampblack to wait outside leakage to the bedroom, sitting room, maintain indoor clean clean.
Also have an expert to think, the door that the metal such as aluminium alloy door had better choose a kitchen door to pledge.
Above all, aluminium alloy door is firmer, be out of shape not easily, waterproof moistureproof function is good, fight deformation ability is strong, and sealing performance is very good also;
Secondly, beautiful shape, style diversification;
Moreover, it has strong corrosion resistance.
Toilet door chooses much toilet to divide two kinds of circumstances more greatly, one kind is a space bigger and dry wet area division, another kind is a space to compare small, dry wet not quite good area division.
The first kind of circumstance, it is the outside side that dry area is in the space mostly, take the door namely in, wet area relies in a few relatively, can choose to suit any a kind of door of style of oneself home whole.
The 2nd kind of circumstance is more common, have a toilet only, and toilet space is lesser, such word does wet partition not too easy, should choose the door with water proofing of model steel door very strong, the door of core of wood of steel plate face, also can waterproof, but the style is not much,Plantation Shutters Factory the margin that can offer a choice is not big.
Besides, book door should choose sound insulation effect to be good, pervious to light sex is good, the door that the design feels strong, be like the woodiness door that the ground glass that has armour bone article to act the role of or pattern of edge of ancient type window, can produce the bookworm charm of primitive simplicity, elegance to send.

What is door window sealing what to have to use

【】 when it comes to door and window sealing, many people do not understand, but it is widely used in the home doors and Windows, if the door and window sealing quality is poor, it is likely to affect the door and window closure, leading to the wind and water, replacement is also very troublesome.Stay tuned for more information if you want to learn more.Door and window rubber seal strip is mainly used in plastic steel doors and Windows, aluminum alloy doors and Windows, wood doors and Windows and other architectural decoration doors and Windows.Plastic steel doors and Windows seals on the market are generally made of PVC, modified PVC, epdm, Wood Mouldings elastomer seal strips (including TPV, TPE, TPR, SEBS), silicone and other materials.One, the use of doors and Windows seal doors and Windows seal in the use is divided into three categories of glass seal strip (rubber strip), door leaf cover seal strip and wool strip, glass seal strip used for glass and fan and the seal between the frame, door leaf cover seal strip is mainly used for the seal between the door plate and the frame, wool strip is mainly used for the seal between the frame and the fan.In the production and installation of plastic steel doors and Windows, broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows, wooden doors, sealing strip is an indispensable accessory.Two, the effect that door window seals sealant strip is in window of window of model steel door and window of door of aluminium of broken bridge and wood door and window rose waterproof, sealing the main effect that reachs energy-saving, sound insulation, dustproof, frost proof, heat preservation.It must have strong tensile strength, good elasticity, but also a good temperature resistance and aging resistance.In order to ensure the fastening of the rubber strip and profile, the sectional structure size of the rubber strip must match the profile of the plastic steel doors and Windows.Sealing tape is commonly used in flat doors and Windows, hanging Windows, folding doors and Windows.The main role for the insect, waterproof,Wood Mouldings Wholesale sound insulation, sealing and so on.The installation part of the wool strip is generally on the sliding window (door) fan, the four surrounding the frame fan or the sealing bridge (wind block) to enhance the sealing between the frame and the fan.Wool specification is the main factor that affects sliding door window and watertight performance, also be the main factor that affects door window switch force.Wool piece specification is too big or vertical wool is exorbitant, not only assemble difficulty, and make door window mobile resistance increases, especially the initial resistance when open and the resistance when closing final emplacement are bigger.Specification is too small, or verticalwool height is insufficient, easy come out groove outside, make the sealing performance of door window reduces greatly.1. Carefully remove sundries in the groove before installing the glass, such as mortar, brick, wood blocks, etc., and carefully center the glass to ensure uniform clearance on both sides, and fix it in time to prevent collision and shift and deviation from the center of the groove.2. The rubber sealing strip shall not be pulled too tight, and the blanking length shall be 20-30mm longer than the assembly length.When installing, should enchase reach the designated position, the surface is smooth, close contact with vitreous, vitreous notch, make vitreous periphery bears force even.The rubber strip at the corner shall be beveled to disconnect and glued firmly at the disconnect.3.Wood Mouldings Factory When sealing and fixing the glass with sealant, squeeze the glass with rubber strip or rubber block first to leave the gap of glue injection. The depth of glue injection should be no less than 5mm.Although door window sealing is small, but also very important.When consumer is choosing and buying, had better choose and buy brand product, also more reliable on quality.

Good choice pledges door window and furniture are likewise important

[] noise pollution is ubiquitous in cities, mainly from cars, construction sites, wild horns and so on.
Home is supposed to be a place of peace and quiet, but even if you live in a high-rise, you can’t stop the sound of cars whizzing by outside and the roar of bulldozers in a nearby construction site late at night.
The sound insulation question that handles a bedroom,Wood Moulding had become the important job that the city lives in adornment.
Door window is the first defend ground door, window, balcony is noise direct afferent passageway.
Above all, should do strict seal to the window, no matter you are monolayer window still is double deck window, sealing is the mainest.
The means that USES model steel window to serve as sealing is more useful plan, about the household that had chosen aluminium alloy, of the sealing strip that ought to assure aluminium alloy casing is missing.
Noise reduction window can also be installed, noise reduction window glass is similar to double glass, which is conducive to noise reduction.
In addition, the noise reduction Windows are closed more tightly than the usual Windows, so the noise reduction effect is very good.
Choose insulating glass to be a very useful method namely in model steel window.
Glass can be used to make most of the noise reflected, while insulating glass can make some of the noise that is not reflected disappear.
To reduce a noise adequately, still need the balcony, roof is sealed.
Inside the bedroom also can install soundproof condole top, conduce to cut the noise between floor.
Diluted with custom furniture doors and Windows locked first good noise insulation, noise using thick cloth qualitative window can also be consumed some noise, usually double window cloth, gauze shade, during the day in the evening on which layer thicker, here in mind, the window cloth when the choose and buy, good length must be measured, don’t let the window cloth hung up on the floor, to do just may be a bit longer,Wood Moulding Wholesale because of the noise is pervasive.
Go back in the home, host can set his mind at rest, in adornment cent, ought to prevent the color with large area too gorgeous is applied in the home, for example: ceiling, ground, metope.
Ought to choose neutral color department, because gorgeous color, can stimulate the person’s sense organ, let the body cannot get loosen.
As a result of noise and other external disturbances will be particularly sensitive.
Choose custom furniture or fabric furniture to help dilute the noise.
Board type furniture and cloth art furniture contain pore, can have the sound-absorbing effect of different level so.
The furniture quantity appropriate that puts in other home is moderate, little can make activity is in indoor consensus, much mutual agitate is communicated.
Have a furniture sound insulation small doohickey, the bookcase of woodiness is placed before the wall that neighbors adjacent with the neighbor, can isolate appropriately the activity that neighbor comes.
Hang the tapestry of adornment sex in metope appropriately, a piece of carpet is placed in the edge of the bed bed of the bedroom perhaps, also can have certain muffler effect.
No matter how sound insulation is done, proper ventilation is required.
In order to make household achieve balanced dilutive, prevent the article that places metal, contain large area glass.
Can place green plant to allocate as the space to recuperate more.
If you are an aficionado of music perhaps film lover, Wood Moulding Factory there is alone in the home seeing and hearing audio-visual sound space, the dimension of the space is not less than 20 smooth rice normally.
Too small area, can let look and feel and hear feel action becomes depressive.
In addition, the length, width and height of the room are also required.
Audio-visual room as a separate space, can not disturb other rooms and floors, the wall needs to choose sound-absorbing board do professional sound insulation disposal.
Ground, ceiling also can choose sound-absorbing better raw material.
For example: wooden floor, carpet.

Qiaozhuang doors and Windows can also be energy saving family decoration small knowledge recommended!

[] clever move one: door window outfit goes up “airtight” because of making a few doors and Windows and installation quality are bad, aperture is lax, cold weather is permeable wind, summer wears heat, sound insulation effect is bad also.
It is recommended that you install the “sealing strip” on the doors and Windows. This kind of sealing strip is simple and cheap to install, but the effect is very obvious and it can save energy for you.
Even if the building of your home has sealing, Baseboard you also should check when changing a season, the choice is in have wind to blow out, with the hand feeling juncture place whether to have aperture, if can feel wind to blow, must change as soon as possible.
Coup 2: add on balcony door “insulation layer” to make indoor more capacious, many families can be when decorating, pull down the balcony door that is linked together with the building, or flat use to close the balcony directly, do not install balcony door.
This is unwise.
According to introducing, because general balcony is outside carry, energy-saving establishment is opposite common wall body is very weak.
Without balcony door, whole house can because of this one weak point, and increase the energy consumption of heating or refrigeration.
The expert builds proposal, you need to retain balcony door not only when decorating, had better add insulation layer even on balcony periphery or balcony door, or change hollow glass when the balcony is close.
Coup 3: the top floor roof paste “aluminum foil” top floor house or a building at both ends of the house, generally there will be “cold winter hot summer” problem.
When decorating, you can take some “special facilities” to improve the situation.
For example, the inner surface of the roof is covered with aluminum foil and other materials with low radiation coefficient to reduce the radiation heat transfer between the inner surface of the roof and the human body.
Apply 20mm to 30mm thick insulation mortar to the inside of the exterior wall, or paint the outside of the exterior wall with white or light color paint.
A 100 mm to 150 mm “insulation layer” shall be laid on the waterproof layer of the roof.
Replace the original steel or wood Windows with plastic or hollow glass Windows.
Coup 4: outside the window sets “awning” outside the window sets “awning”,Baseboard Wholesale at the same time the curtain is installed in the room, it is the good method that summer reduces energy consumption.
As we have learned, outside awning can block the solar radiation of great majority outside the window, it is much better than pure rely on curtain effect.
When you are decorating, still can choose that kind of “hot reflex” curtain, it is the chemical fiber metal material with silvery white outside one side namely, it is the curtain of common cloth qualitative decorative pattern to the one side inside the room.
This kind of heat reflex curtain, also be your good helper that saves energy, can alleviate the building itself very pointedly “do not save energy” the problem that causes “consume energy is overmuch”.
Coup five: the wall plant point “wall climbing tiger” climbing wall plants such as wall tiger, ivy, can climb the wall growth;
Climbing plants such as grapes, morning glory, coralline, firecracker flowers, etc., can climb up along the scaffolding.
These plants thrive in the hot summer months, just in time to block out the sun’s radiation and absorb its heat.
In winter, the plants shed their leaves, which do not interfere with the building’s ability to receive sunlight.
According to the calculation, in the middle of summer,Baseboard Factory there are plants climbing the wall of the house, the external wall surface temperature can be reduced by 4 degrees Celsius to 5 degrees Celsius, the indoor temperature will also be reduced.

Understand this five points, wooden acceptance need not worry

[] in household life, wooden door is the bridge that the home communicates, it can bring more space to us, the halcyon that lets us find filar silk in blatant city and warmth, so on wooden door installation and acceptance many owner are very attention.
So in the end what kind of installation is qualified,Crown Moulding as the owner how to implement good acceptance work?
1, the wooden door appearance to smooth coordination after the wooden door installation, the surface paint film can not have scratches, scratches, defects and other artificial quality problems, after the installation of the wooden door surface paint film should be smooth and smooth, feel fine, no hanging, orange peel, pinhole, sand white and other obvious quality problems.
Door leaf, door cover facing is qualitative, grain is consistent, integral paint color is unified, harmonious, in one meter place visual inspection does not have apparent chromatic aberration.
2 wooden door installation should be vertical and fluent when installing, door or window frame must be perpendicular with the ground, door leaf switch is agile, and can stop at any one point, cannot have since close or open phenomenon oneself;
If the door door in the case of no lock, appear to open or close, the whole door frame is not vertical to the ground, is tilted.
Additional, aperture of door leaf and door cover periphery ought to accord with national installation standard, even and consistent;
According to the standard requirements, the fit gap between the door and the upper frame/hinge side frame/lock side frame should be 1mm and 3.5mm, the fit gap between the outer door and the ground should be 4mm and 7mm, the fit gap between the inner door and the ground should be 5mm and 8mm, and the fit gap between the toilet door and the ground should be 8mm and 12mm.
3, wooden door and door set Mosaic is rigorous normally below, to go in and out convenient, general and indoor door is the way that open inside.
After the installation of the door leaf and the door cover,Crown Moulding Wholesale the back of the door leaf should be flush with the edge of the cover plate or slightly lower than the edge of the cover plate by 0.5-1mm, and the door cover should be equipped with a clamp-type sealing strip, so that the door leaf will not make a sound when it is closed, and the door cover can ensure a better fit;
Stick face line pin and sleeve board slot joint tight, stick face line and wall should also be combined closely.
4, check the door is the door after installation is no empty drum winding, can use the vertical or the degree of vertical infrared detection door cover, with handle gently knocking at the door of the side plate, are free to listen to a drum sound, if you have, then bottom plate and a larger gap between the wall and the door of this case is not strong, the late prone to accident, should be dismantled mat base plate or use styrofoam filled heavily armoured.
5, view hinge opened wooden door in the closed the door open to smooth, not a voice of squeaks, main locks, hinges notches must cooperate closely with locks, hinges, screwing in all screws should be complete with flat panel, door leaf and door frame joint is perfect, only the above installation standard, is ability achieved beautiful and, sound insulation, ventilation and switch freely effect, finally also notice the door open direction is in accordance with the requirements.
Wooden door installation acceptance is a more detailed work,Crown Moulding Factory from the overall appearance to the details of each joint need to check, to ensure that there will be no problems in use, to avoid the late rework reinstallation of the situation.
Hope to be able to let owner people perfect strict check and accept the wooden door that oneself make to order through these 5 methods.

How does window of aluminium alloy window install aluminium alloy how to check and accept

【】 aluminum window is a common window in our home, do you know how to install aluminum window?
Which part should we pay attention to when installing the aluminum window?
How should after installation check and accept?
Today, the website introduces the aluminum alloy window glass installation method, as well as the aluminum alloy window acceptance method.
How to install aluminium alloy window glass door frame fan and the clear of vitreous notch: the metallic surface of door window frame fan must be wiped clean with wool brush and dishcloth,PVC Sill plate and should give adequately dry, the mortar sundry foreign matter inside vitreous notch should give thorough cleared, assure clean, make all drainage hole assure unimpeded.
Glass installation: for the general flat open fan of a single piece of glass smaller size, can be clamped by both hands in place, if the size of a single piece of glass is larger, it should be installed with a glass sucker.
When the glass is in place.
The front and back gaps in the groove shall be consistent, and the glass edge shall not contact the frame fan and connecting parts.
The depth of the glass into the metal slot, the gap on both sides of the slot and the fitting size of the glass edge from the metal slot.
Glass is fixed: after glass is installed, should use rubber strip to be fixed instantly, its method has 3 kinds: the first kind is to use rubber strip to seal seam, close squeeze tight, the surface does not inject sealant again.
This kind of method is to belong to glass of window of window of general aluminium alloy door to install, the rubber pressing that cuts next must be enough long, when pressing seal certain reach the designated position, attention corner must seal strictly, fill must close solid, the surface wants level off and straight.
The second method is to use about Icm long rubber gasket to squeeze the glass, PVC Sill plate Wholesale and then with a plastic cylinder injection, fixed and sealed glass.
The third method is to use rubber strips to squeeze and fix the glass before sealing with sealant injection.
Glass sealing: the glass sealing is the aluminum alloy doors and Windows glass installation in the last working procedure, must ensure the quality, causes the glue seam to be full, achieves the sealing effect truly.
When applying the adhesive, the appropriate speed should be maintained, so that the air in the slot cavity is discharged and discharged clean to prevent cavitation;
Prevent residual bubble in the glue seam.
The speed of gluing should be even, not fast or slow, keep the gluing full.
When one door or window window besmels glue to end, should do the finished product protection of door window and sealant to maintain.
Curing time shall not be less than 21 days, make sure it can not have hard touch upon, within 21 days of doors and Windows can not have vibration, the appropriate maintenance environment temperature in 18 ~ 28 ℃, relative humidity is around 70%.
1. Check the appearance of the window after the installation of the aluminum window, far view view of the window gloss, pay attention to the surface whether there is uneven color phenomenon, but also to pay attention to the overall material whether there is a deformation of the situation, and then touch the aluminum alloy material, ensure that there is no crack, scratch and wear and other phenomena.
2. Check the sealing strip of the window seal: the sealing strip of the aluminum window should be in smooth contact with the glass slot, without the appearance of rolled edges, grooves and other phenomena. At the same time, there should be no obvious gaps between the strip and the profile,PVC Sill plate Factory and the gaps in the joint should be less than 1mm.
3. Check the aluminium alloy window border of the window frame check including vertical flatness, the window frame and wall closely connected degree examination, the window of the vertical degree directly affect the quality of the whole decorate, need to make sure that the flatness in the range of error, at the same time can make use of mirrors and telescopic tube to connect closely degree test, guarantee the Windows installation qualification.

How does the bedroom door with appropriate choose and buy judge the stand or fall of wooden door

【】 home is installed little not door window, today the website will say with everybody how choose and buy appropriate bedroom door and how to judge the stand or fall of door window.How the bedroom door with appropriate choose and buy one, door and furniture want the collocation colour of the bedroom door of color close to should agree with the colour of furniture, the ground of such word bedroom, metope includes a curtain, ability decides around them come down mass-tone attune undertakes develop.If the furniture in the bedroom is light in color Vinyl shutter components, it is recommended that the bedroom door be light in color as well. If the furniture is light in color and the door becomes dark, it will look abrupt.And if what match in the home is brunet furniture, the color of the door had better be the same as furniture, to raise brightness, other collocation is about to choose weak color.Two, door plank chooses what kind of material to pledge and the door of the bedroom does what color, besides should match integral style and furniture color, what see to use even is what plank, it is to bake paint or spray paint.If it is spray paint, there is no need to put the whole door color, the door above will have lines and grooves, this time can do color, what is color?It is the ground color of the door is one color, and the line on the door and groove are another color.The effect stereo feeling that such door comes out is very wall, also very good-looking.Three, the door should match corresponding style what kind of style of course match what kind of bedroom door, to Europe type style, can choose white or brown bedroom door, to rural style, be about to choose the light color department door like cream-colored, gray;If be contracted style, that should consider to use the bedroom door of wood color perhaps, match with integral style just is appropriate.Mediterranean style feels more apparent,Vinyl shutter components Wholesale the color of not only bedroom door can choose blue to come collocation, can not stick to one pattern even style, can do adornment door.Have a lot of people to feel oneself are insensible to colour, tie-in what have no clue, that chooses the role of white as bedroom door simply.Small make up want to say, choose white can’t make a mistake really, but on this foundation, if the color of the door changes a bit, try light yellow, light blue may have surprise.How to judge wooden door stand or fall 1, smell flavour: smell flavour to be able to differentiate wooden door to accord with environmental protection requirement preliminarily through smelling.Open the door of close sex first, or close range smells wooden door flavour, if have excitant odour, feel eye to do even, shed tear, sneeze, explain wooden door formaldehyde releases a quantity taller, answer careful choice.2, see material to pledge: the wood door material with common on market is qualitative include walnut, Chinese ash, sha bili, white oak, hua limu, teak to wait.The need when choose and buy undertakes the respect discrimination such as color, grain, quality of a material according to different capable person, lest the businessman is shoddy.3, look at the appearance: when wood door of choose and buy has a few places to need careful examination, include color, detail, simple sense to wait.The paint that quality better wood door chooses is better, the color of door plank looks more even, natural also; Vinyl shutter components Factory The material of door plank is better, criterion feel is exquisite, smooth, whole feels even, beautiful;Do the work eligible door, appearance of door leaf and door cover is symmetrical, without be out of shape, Mosaic is correct.4, see quality check: when door of choose and buy wood, want to see wood door to have the quality eligible proof that the country issues above all.

Small make up teach you the knowledge of door and window fittings

【】 door and window fittings are the parts that are responsible for connecting the frame of door and window with the fan closely, without its existence, door and window can become dead fan only, also lost the meaning of door and window.
We come from the performance of door window and function analyse door window fittings to the action of door window: 1. Index of door window physics performance has: fight wind pressure sex,Shutter Profiles air tightness, water tightness, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation, fight compression sex.
The first sex of hardware fittings pair of door window can resist the action of wind pressure performance, deciding the success or failure of door window;
Similarly, air tightness, water tightness, heat preservation, heat insulation, sound insulation and hardware accessories involved in the door and window sealing.
The lock point and lock seat of the door and window fittings are distributed around the whole door and window.
When door window is locked after closing, lock point, lock seat is buckled together firmly, with hinge (close leaf) or slippery hold cooperate, provide with generation strong sealing compaction force, make sealing strip flexibility is out of shape, provide enough sealing performance to door window thereby, make fan, frame forms an integral whole to be able to improve the performance of door window greatly.
Likewise, the door window folds mechanical property index (open and close force, repeatedly open and close a gender), wait for open and close a requirement to also cannot leave the requirement of door window fittings.
2. Windows and doors are light components, and their energy consumption accounts for more than half of the building energy consumption, which is the most important part of building energy saving. The energy saving problem of doors and Windows should be fully considered in the design, that is, heat preservation and insulation.
If there is no multi-point lock doors and Windows accessories, doors and Windows do well, the heat preservation, insulation can be imagined.
3 similarly, the burglar prevention performance of door window also is the problem that owner CARES most.
In this aspect, the anti-theft performance of the doors and Windows accessories,Shutter Profiles Wholesale especially in the development of intelligent anti-theft doors and Windows components is an important role.
4. Doors and Windows have a variety of window shapes and structural forms, and the various functions of the window all depend on the configuration of hardware accessories.
Just think, without door window fittings, how does flat open next overhanging window realize already flat open the function that falls inside again?
In push-pull folding door window how to realize the function that push-pull folds again already?
Inside pushback pulls, mobile shutter, which is not to rely on the action of door window fittings to achieve its particular function?
Can say door window fittings is the “heart” of door window fittings.
Door window fittings is static state and dynamic two kinds of effects coexist, and must satisfy at the same time, what this has decided door window technology from essence is exquisite change.
In the exhibition, we have long seen some doors and Windows company products, the appearance is quite good, high quality aluminum, equipped with insulating glass, colorful, diverse styles.
But open not flexible, shaking, heat unreasonable.
This is the result that does not take door window fittings seriously.
So what kind of function should real door window fittings have?
In addition to meeting the physical and mechanical properties of doors and Windows, it also meets the following conditions: (1) convenient operation and single point control: various opening Shutter Profiles Factory functions can be realized by changing the position of the handle;
(2) standardization and serialization make installation fast;
(3) adjustable;
(4) strong bearing capacity;
(5) high security;
(6) widely used;
(7) strong applicability (high quality specification)

What is a hollow window

[] before, due to the insufficient thickness of glass, it could not be used for heat preservation or sound insulation.Therefore, the hollow glass window came into being, which can basically overcome the defects of traditional glass.Next small make up to give you a detailed introduction to the hollow glass window.Insulating glass is composed of two or more layers of flat glass.All around with high strength high air tightness compound binder, two or more pieces of glass and sealing strip, glass strip bonding, sealing.Filled with dry gas in the middle, filled with desiccant in the frame, to ensure the drying degree of the air between the glass pieces.Can choose the vitreous original piece of all sorts of different performance according to the requirement,Shutter Part if colorless and transparent float glass is embossed glass, heat-absorbing glass, heat-reflecting glass, glass of wire clip, toughened glass and bezel (aluminous frame or vitreous strip), via cementation, welding or be fused and be made.High-performance insulating glass and ordinary insulating glass is different, in addition to the two layers of glass in the middle sealed dry air, but also in the outer glass middle air layer side, coated with a layer of good thermal performance of special metal film.It can cut off the amount of energy from the sun into the room to achieve greater insulation.Because there is a desiccant that can adsorb water molecules inside the insulating glass, the gas is dry. When the temperature decreases, the inside of the insulating glass will not produce condensation phenomenon. At the same time, the dew point on the outer surface of the insulating glass will also increase.Such as when the outdoor wind speed of 5 m/s, indoor temperature is 20 ℃, relative humidity was 60%, 5 mm glass when outdoor temperature is 8 ℃ began condensation, and 16 mm (5 + 6 + 5) hollow glass under the same conditions.There are three ways of energy transfer in insulating glass: radiation transfer, convection transfer and conduction transfer.Radiation transfer radiation transfer is the transfer of energy in the form of radiation in the form of rays, including visible light, infrared and ultraviolet radiation,Shutter Part Wholesale just like the transmission of the sun’s rays.2. Convection transfer convection transfer is caused by the temperature difference between the two sides of the glass, which causes the air to drop on the cold side and rise on the hot side, resulting in the convection of the air and the loss of energy.There are several reasons for this phenomenon. First, the poor sealing between the glass and the surrounding frame system leads to the direct exchange of the gas inside and outside the window frame and convection, resulting in the loss of energy.Second, the unreasonable design of the internal space structure of the insulating glass leads to the convection of the gas inside the insulating glass due to the temperature difference, which drives the exchange of energy and causes the loss of energy.Thirdly, the temperature difference between the inside and outside of the window that forms the whole system is large.3. Conduction transfer conduction transfer is through the movement of the object molecules, driving the movement of energy, and to achieve the purpose of transmission,Shutter Part Factory just like cooking with an iron pot and welding things with an electric soldering iron, and the transmission of energy through the insulating glass glass and its internal air to complete.We know that the thermal conductivity of glass is 0.77W/ mk.The thermal conductivity of air is 0.028 W/ mk, so the thermal conductivity of glass is 27 times higher than that of air.It can be seen from the above introduction that the thickness of insulating glass spacer with reasonable configuration can minimize the loss of energy.

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