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The choose and buy of security shutter doors and Windows

[] ordinary door window is just a piece of glass, it’s hard to do anti-theft this, many people choose in front of the window and fence, who then say can play a protective role, but the affect is very beautiful, now have a security shutter doors and Windows, not only can play the role of guard against theft, can also be used as a decoration, a lot of people do not understand security shutter doors and Windows,Vinyl shutter components in order to meet the needs of everyone, today will share the choose and buy of the security shutter doors and Windows and home.Must choose a color for security shutter doors and Windows – the authentic home markets and authentic shutter doors and Windows companies to buy, booth and small workshops to rough machining equipment, technical content is low, the precision of door window and intensity cannot assure.The appearance of the shutter doors and Windows to bluish white color, assumes that color is white or grey, instructions in the stable composition of the material is not enough, long aging become yellow.Security shutter doors and Windows – choose size size will affect the seal, if the manufacturers to buy unqualified accessories will affect the seal.Such as some manufacturers use inferior article rubber, the result out half year begin to shrink, resulting in glass and door is a big gap, rain and air into the indoor easily.Bottom of push-pull window window frame is due aluminous slippery course, top and bottom of the box tank shall be installed with wool top wind block, this is one of the keys of push-pull window sealing is good or bad.Security shutter doors and Windows – welding Angle welding Angle can’t window of high and low dislocation, Vinyl shutter components Wholesale two splicing rugged.This is mainly embodied in the appearance, and is also an important project to bring our visual aesthetic feeling.But there is also a concrete manifestation in the national standard, such as: the discretion of the welding Angle difference should be within 0.3 mm, etc.This kind of situation did not understand the gb also doesn’t matter, but you should have seen his window, and asked the appearance quality sample window, general merchants display window sample quality is OK.Security check hardware shutter doors and Windows – check the products can be flexible smooth, hardware of the lacquer that bake to see if we can clear the surface brightness and brand logo, stainless steel hardware usable try magnets, assuming that feel the magnetic force, then the hardware in the short term may be rust.Carefully check the screw is used in the assembly hardware stainless steel or galvanized, track factory assembly hardware common pleas use stainless steel screws, because the galvanized screw time is too long will be easy to rust.Security shutter doors and Windows is the emerging security facilities,Vinyl shutter components Factory has the traditional fence incomparable advantages, protective effect is good, not only in line with the fire code, but also beautiful, can have the effect of a kind of adornment, all security shutter doors and Windows when the choose and buy must choose well-known trademark, this protective effect is better, after-sales service is guaranteed.

The advantage of energy saving doors and Windows

[] with the improvement of people’s living standard, more and more people begin to pay attention to energy conservation and environmental protection, as the idea spread, people began to advocate energy conservation and environmental protection in every respect.People not only in the aspect of eating advocate green environmental protection, and the items and so on various aspects are starting to promote energy conservation and environmental protection.As we want to talk about today energy-saving Windows and doors.Shutter Profiles Thus people’s consciousness of energy conservation and environmental protection has been more and more mature, had even thought about the environment we live in energy conservation and environmental protection.Many people don’t know the advantage of energy-saving Windows and doors, feel energy-saving door window is cheaper than the ordinary doors and Windows, ordinary Windows and doors looks very good, take the time to buy energy efficient Windows and doors is undoubtedly a waste of time.In order to let people know about energy saving doors and Windows, let me introduce for you energy-saving Windows and doors, let everyone know the advantage of energy saving doors and Windows.Advantage 1: first of all doors and Windows of energy conservation, from its literally we also know that it is the biggest characteristic of energy conservation and environmental protection, some people say that only said he energy conservation and environmental protection, where it shows its characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection.It’s the first characteristic is that it is characteristic, because of his advocate convenience and lighter structure,Shutter Profiles Wholesale so it cover an area of an area small, save a lot of raw materials, decorate doors and Windows for us this is it one of the characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection.And is it good ventilation effect.Due to its good ventilation effect, so our indoor is always full of fresh air.With it this a feature we don’t have to go to buy a person to maintain indoor air fresh, with it we don’t have to buy another person, save the cost of buying person, but also save the electric power system, driven person who again for us to save a lot of electric light, and save us a small fee.The characteristics of the above points are its energy conservation and environmental protection.Advantage 2: beautification adornment in addition to its characteristics of energy conservation and environmental protection, it also has the function of beautification adornment.Due to its unique shape and structure characteristics, it is to our living environment have played an important role in landscaping.Energy-saving doors and Windows because of its singular configuration, added many color for our house, give people a feeling of shine at the moment, it’s beautify our mood also comfortable many, we do things for you to get twice the result with half the effort, to a great deal of energy and in our province.Advantage 3: practical energy-saving Windows and doors still possesses the advantages of practicality, because of its material and structure,Shutter Profiles Factory make its use fixed number of year than ordinary doors and Windows with long time.This also calculate energy saving for us, at least we bought a lot of things you don’t need less.

Security doors don’t buy the fake security doors how to choose and buy, do you know?

[] are you still worry about home security to play?When it comes to this, I believe you will first think of guard against theft, so the choose and buy of guard against theft became more concern for consumers.A wide range of household security doors to appear on the market,Shutter Part as consumers of door of guard against theft that we how to quickly choose and safe?Website below small make up to introduce several security door size related problem.How much is the security door size standard specification?For security door size standards, security doors market in our country, indeed there are some standards, especially for the size of the size, in general, there are several standard size, one is 2050 * 960, of course, in many areas of the most standard is 2050 * 860, and 1970 is 1970 * 960 * 860.Of course some security doors are custom-made according to the size of the door of the family, so the size of the biggest can reach 2500 * 2500.Security door size and guard against theft safety factor have relations?Actually for security doors, its main purpose is to guard against theft, Shutter Part Wholesale ensure the safety of the family, so for security door size standard, only in strict accordance with the standard to produce, to ensure safety.In general, qualified security doors in 15 minutes using chisels, screwdrivers, crowbar general hand tools and portable power tools such as hand electric drill can’t pry or on doors open a 615 mm square opening, the door is safe.Security doors determination of thickness in the size and relationship in addition to security door width and height, according to the standard and a security door size is the thickness, in fact, for the thickness of the security doors and security also have very big relations, in general, security doors can be divided into single and double,Shutter Part Factory generally in the market for security doors, security doors are thickening, has the very good pry proof performance.Thickening of the security doors can be divided into three types: 3 cm, 5 cm, 7 cm, consumer can according to the demand of choose and buy.

Don’t worry about home outfit highlights?Better choose real wood door

[] for a long time, real wood door is occupying the important status in our home, is also our home outfit one of the important object of real wood of choose and buy, it is with natural and elegant appearance, high quality process are popular with many customers, because also become a highlight in the home outfit.So we have in real wood of choose and buy when the nods eyeball pen of how to make it become an outfit?It also needs we can spend more time in the match.Because the real wood texture and color is differ,Plantation shutters Hardware so in choosing a collocation also have lots of different solutions.Our real wood color and the integral color photograph of the bedroom harmony, when the mass-tone attune of the bedroom is light color department, we can choose cool color department of door leaf color, on the contrary, but the mass-tone attune of the bedroom is brunet department, we can choose warm color to move the interior door.And be sure to and the color of wall can form a contrast, so we can make an outfit the overall effect of administrative levels sense, if were the same color, is the lack of vitality.Real wood of choose and buy, in the choose and buy of appearance on modelling is to take a look at whether can achieve the result that we want, and can our whole home outfit on collocation is very perfect.This normally we are able to choose good, but if you have what not understand of place, can also to the entity shop staff or online customer service.Then will understand its wood quality, we say that a price points a points goods, Plantation shutters Hardware Wholesale so we want to buy what is the price of door leaf, nature will be chosen when the choose and buy what kind of material, suggest that consumers in choosing the first when you need to know about the different capable person is probably what price, so we probably will be able to decide when buy it.In addition to the real wood door to very beautiful modelling, environmental protection also has always been our indoor door when the choose and buy one of the most important factors, and most of the consumers are not know what we call a real wood door not exactly is why not environmental protection, environmental protection that is much of a friend is not very understand the nature of door leaf not environmental protection.First is the raw material, the more general timber quality its environmental performance is better, but also remind us as a member of the consumers, a lot of doors when the choose and buy must pay attention to its internal material is described and the store is consistent,Plantation shutters Hardware Factory and, of course, in the choose and buy when we choose a big brand manufacturers, so we selected products can be more guaranteed.Anyhow, want an outfit of real wood to become a bright spot, also we need to work harder when the choose and buy.

Should pay attention to new home decoration, wooden door of choose and buy is not easy

[] bridal chamber is decorated in the door and decoration is one of the most important link in the choose and buy, wooden door because of the variety and safe environmental protection, and practical able to bear or endure look, temperament is special, and is now the first choice for many families.So how to choose an appropriate the wooden door of his own house?As small make up from the door, the door type and color of three aspects, to introduce the wooden door of choose and buy skills: the first step – the door of choose and buy 1,Shutters Hardware style: who is the face of the household environment that is consistent with the whole household design style is the basis of the matching interior door;2, core board door: grid in real wood keel, filled with corrugated paper, framework filled poly foam, little tunnel mechanical plate, plate the comprehensive ability of the best little tunnel mechanics;’3, door and door cover: the consumer thinks, the more thick, the better, in fact wrong.Solid wood composite door adopt natural solid wood, light weight can reach 50% by weight of the same specifications of pure real wood door;Article 4, inside door seal: only a handful of big domestic brands to provide special interior door sealing strip;5, hardware: locks, hinges and other small details will also directly affect the use of the interior comfort;6, use glue, look to whether adopting expansion rubber for doors and Windows.The second step, the choice of door of choose and buy real wood doors model on the choice of door type according to the characters of each bedroom is the bedroom of the overall design or different use function to carry on the design and selection.Door of the actual function can be roughly divided into the head of the household, small hall door, bedroom door,Shutters Hardware Wholesale study door, sitting room door, kitchen door, bathroom door, closet door, the balcony doors, balcony doors, northern cold with 2 insulation door and other kinds of family with the choice of door type should also pay attention to the overall design and coordination of the bedroom, don’t gild the lily.Pay attention to the size of the door, height, width and the height of the lock bits, locks modelling also coordinated as much as possible.Third – the color of choose and buy 1, wooden door should is close to quite with the color of furniture, should schoolfellow covers dumb mouth to keep consistent (now the suit door a lot of window that contains form a complete set of dumb mouth, skirting board, line that protect part), should have correspondence with metope colour quality.Such as: use white wooden door that mix oil had better let metope lacquer contain colour.Such ability can let a room have administrative levels feeling, unapt too “smooth” also can make room effect feels particularly pure and fresh.2, when be being moved for warm color when bedroom environment, relatively wooden door can choose the warm color, such as: cherry, teak, shabili.When moved for cool color when bedroom environment, should choose a bit more shallow wood door relatively, if mix oily white, birch, etc.3, good big, or the sun room, can choose deeper black hu tao,Shutters Hardware Factory can creating an itself of more composed atmosphere effect colour is beautiful, not for wrong.Coordinate in collocation completely on, if you really don’t know idea, can choose white, white is the most not easy to get wrong colour.Wood of choose and buy is also a science, the brand more and more, scale and quality and level.So consumers to drawn wide open to identify.Prior to do more homework, read this guide before the choose and buy, I believe you will be able to find the best suitable wooden door of his own household.

Vitreous brick toilet partition wall is suitable for the door?

Wood or glass[] glass block with transparent texture and unique decorative effect quickly popular among modern home outfit, some families began using glass block partition wall to decorate dry wet depart of toilet, toilet glass block partition is suitable for the door?For the new toilet partition, glass block partition is used more generally half open design, not to install the door.Mainly because: Shutter Components glass block partition wall can’t directly connected door, otherwise the door opening and closing of the vibration is very often affect the stability of the glass block partition wall, is very unsafe.Some families use vitreous brick partition wall as toilet partition of dry wet depart, make sure the effect of dry wet depart, will need to install the door.Want to the door and glass block connections, the sides of the door must be connected to the top of the ground, solid framework, vitreous brick to build by laying bricks or stones outside the frame.Wall corner protector is made of a kind of PVC profiles, make the corner is not easy to damage.Under the condition of the glass block partition wall can install door, installation which door is more beautiful?(1) the glass door,Shutter Components Wholesale in order to echo the simple sense of glass block is connected fully can first glass door, collocation glass partition wall to keep the overall texture that appear, at the same time also can maintain the whole toilet lighting effect.If there is no door glass doors must be installed in the water stone, ensure that toilet effect of dry wet depart.(2) the wooden door, according to the indoor whole decorate a style also can choose wood, and wood and glass collocation also can show more comfortable visual sense of touch, but wood is best to choose wood or wood color advisable.(3) gangsu doors, the well water proofing property is stronger, more suitable for use in the bathroom this kind of water space.Choose light color gangsu doors with transparent vitreous brick partition wall, its adornment effect is good.It is important to note that due to vitreous brick partition wall can’t direct contact with the door, so the door installation is very important, need to have a door frame,Shutter Components Factory door cover, such as combination of installation, use open jewels is better, do not recommend installed around the push and pull move the door, compare influence the stability of the glass block partition wall.

How about the price of the bathroom door

[] in general, the bathroom door can make board type door already, also can be used in a glass door, used in toilet, not only ensure the illicit is close, and let the people see a glimmer of light outside, avoid disturbing.So, how about the price of the bathroom door? Plantation Shutter Components How about the price of the bathroom door to see what would you like to do is sliding door, bathroom door hanging door still wei yu ping to open the door, otherwise is your door size range, material, process and the thickness of the material, hardware and glass city directly affect the price.Else, this is not according to how much money a door, is placed square calculate, markets expect is a square, 350-1500.You to have a look at the building materials market, best choice than obvious and high ratio of force of the big brands.Glass prices for each of the glass door of the bathroom door is calculate by square, material and design different price also is different, but generally the market price is 6 mm flat toughened 65 yuan/square meters,Plantation Shutter Components Wholesale 8 mm 75 yuan/square meters, 10 mm is 85 yuan/square meters, the above price including frosted.Aluminum alloy bathroom door price as jas do aluminum than long old brand, in the aspect of materials such as aluminum, metal, glass is a resume, because the history for a long time, on craft skills than mature, can make money, low natural price higher than force, price of about 700-800 / square meter.Admittedly, the brand is different, the price is different also.Suggests the bathroom door to accept high quality plastic material, because aluminum is vivid and metal oxidation easily, also not too thick aluminum profile, gm material is 1.5 mm or so, is the surface oxidation, oxidation coating or spray treatment of punishment, but not crushing cover layer during the course of production,Plantation Shutter Components Factory still under the influence of water is easy to oxidation, not a few years will rust.Everyone should know the glass door of the earlier events, the choice of high quality, high brand glass bathroom door, all of you have also reassure yourself, responsible for yourself, responsible to family.

Real wood door how to brush paint effect is good

[] both wood and furniture in our life all need to brush paint, the paint can make the wooden door and furniture, prolong service life, therefore to how real wood paint are introduced, at the same time consumers how to identify the real wood door quality is better?The first line of paint is brushed real wood door,PVC Louver after paint the base color, use grinding polishing cloth, can make the real wood door becomes more bright color, no leakage, colorless.Take the sanbao paint in magnetic basin, add 20-30% of gasoline, Buddhism and beaten.Dip in with oil brush varnish, wood brush, not leak brush, brush paint, the 18 hours to dry.Dry, but the whole interval of 3 to 5 days, with 0 fine sandpaper, polished gently, but not polished wood surface, reoccupy cloth polishing brightness, then brush the second coat.Besmear brushs the second coat, also called the paint coat, take the sanbao varnish for the tubes of paint,PVC Louver Wholesale don’t rush thin, because of the original paint is thick, don’t too much oil brush dips in the paint, to mane with paint for degrees, each brush dipped in paint should be consistent, in order to brush, brush a, into a single, should not be somehow staggered, also do not forcibly knead brush, don’t put down brush to brush, to prevent bubbles and particles.Brush finish, they do not have the gloss, can also use the same way, brush the third coat, must use 0 wood sand paper, polishing again, reoccupy cloth wipe clean,PVC Louver Factory then brush paint.Brush paint, still, dry, indoor environment must maintain a certain humidity, temperature, and avoid dust dirt into real wood door, prevent sticking on the wet paint film, before not completely dry, can not touch with finger paint film, lest appear fingerprint fingerprints.Paint finish, interval of 3 to 5 days, generally can be dried, then wipe with fine wool polishing.

Parsing the window function and using method of sealing strip

[] as we all know, the general window will appear when using, untight seal, easy to enter the phenomenon such as dust, so was born the window seals, its main function is to prevent dust, how to use the window seals, let’s take a look at!The role of a sealing strip, window main role as insect, waterproof, dustproof, sound insulation, sealing, etc.Generally in the market of window of model steel door sealing strip made by PVC, modified PVC, epdm, elastomer seals (including TPV, TPE, TPR, SEBS),PVC Profiles silicone material extrusion forming good waterproof, sealing etc, but also has the sound insulation, antifreeze, thermal, and other functions.Window of model steel door sealing strip has good elasticity, strong ability to scale, and high temperature resistant, long service life.It must have the very strong tensile strength, good elasticity, also need good temperature resistance and aging resistance.Second, how to use the Windows window seal fluid sealant in the window of model steel door and broken bridge aluminum doors and Windows have the important function of waterproof, sealing and energy-saving, sound insulation, dust-proof, antifreeze, warm.In order to keep the strip and profile of fastening, the cross section structure size of the strip must be compatible with window of model steel door profiles.Prior to installation note: 1, window seal, install a glass before notches to remove impurities, such as mortar, brick, wood, glass should be carefully placed, ensure uniform clearance on both sides, and more are fixed in time, prevent collision shift, deviating from the groove center.B, rubber sealing strip can not pull too tight, blanking length is longer than the assembly length 2 o 3 omm.When installation should be set in place, the surface flat, notch is close contact with the glass, glass, the glass surrounding stress evenly.Cant rubber strip in the corner should be disconnected, and the disconnected note strong adhesive.C, fixed glass sealant caulking, rubber or rubber should be used first glass choke, leave a note glue, glue injection depth should not be less than 5 mm, before the adhesive curing, d should keep the glass from the vibration, the installation of wool top parts, generally in the window (door) on the fan, box fan ring or seal (file wind block), the bridge between frame and door seal.E, tops specifications are the important factors influencing the sliding door window and watertight performance, is also an important factor to effect the door switch.Wool top size is too large or vertical hair too high, not only the assembly difficulty, and make the doors and Windows mobile resistance increases, especially on the initial resistance and closing finally in place of resistance.Specification is too small, or vertical wool top height is not enough, easy emergence slot, make doors and Windows sealed performance is greatly reduced.PVC Profiles Wholesale Need to pass siliconizing wool top, quality qualified wool top appearance as the surface flat, bottom and vertical hair smooth, no bending, no pitting on the floor, comply with the provisions of the 0.2 mm.2, how to use a window seal, glass mat and seam allowance strip (window frame and window sash) according to strip will be after the clear Angle welding right surface along the direction of the strip with special roll wheel a little hard to profile slot in advance, at the same time will strip head to press until embedded profiles within the slot.Because the strip is elastomer, after rolling, may appear retraction, the correct method is: when the strip installation ends to the outlet, will strip both ends to bounce back a bit, and leave 2-3 cm shrinkage allowance, then cut embedded within the slot.B, glass bead, the strip in the right side in manual way to wear the strip tip into profiles groove, reoccupy force according to the exposed face of a strip, to press the strip into the clearance between the profile and glass.Two end of the strip to intermediate bounce back a bit, set aside after 1-2 cm to the length of the cut, press into the slot.Three, identify the five methods of sealing rubber strip quality (1) hand.Take a strip, picking up the tear at the site of thin, the greater the need to force, that the higher the rubber content, also means that its comprehensive performance is better.(2) hand.Hold it in hand, like the rope, first see if it can break, see whether it is able to rebound next to the original length.Elasticity, the better, the future is not due to the long term is the door shut after installation and deformation.(3) the fingernails.If material is not good, glue content is not high, easy to scrape the white strip surface, after load on the door, as long as there is a hard object collisions or minor scratches, would be “like”, is not beautiful, many consumers will think is the difference in body material.(4).Saw strip section, if the brightness and color close to the surface, that contains material filling material is not much.(5) the nose to smell.If smell peculiar smell or plastic, certainly not suitable for wooden door to use, up to standard strip should be tasteless or take a little taste of natural rubber (rolls easily distinguish).Now in the market, many criminals use the recycling old cable for raw materials such as leather, plus some cheap fang waste oil and coarse whiting to adjust strip hardness, PVC Profiles Factory shoddy to seek exorbitant profits.Experts pointed out: this kind of illegal products contain a variety of harmful elements, hot in the day or in the sun, its surface is a layer of oil, volatile out smells can make people dizzy even carcinogenic, and easy to harden, and rapid contraction, gently touch is out of shape.

Garage door installation considerations?

[] in order to ensure your safety, reduce accidents, installation please be sure to read the installation manual in detail before, and in strict accordance with the installation manual steps.If you encounter problems in the operation, please you consulting professional installation personnel or dealer.1) Window Accessories the installation personnel installation please inspection on the door, only allowed to install door opener in the well-balanced body, otherwise may cause serious consequences.2) the door body is running, it is forbidden to people or objects from beneath the door through, or stay at the bottom of the door.3) it is forbidden to see the remote controller to the place of the door operation, so as not to cause safety accident or garage door open by mistake.4) door on both sides of the horizontal guide rail end should add mechanical limit switch, prevent the hydrodynamic sliding out.Note: if your garage door side, Window Accessories Wholesale please be sure to install a power outage quickly unlock device, so that the power can be manually open the door from the outside.Garage door of choose and buy the right garage door is to rely on good technical ability, or professional automatic door company, has a professional technical team, and be able to timely eliminate all sorts of problems for the customer,Window Accessories Factory all products conform to the provisions of the state of the technical requirements, quality standards and safety standards, is a customer to choose the best choice for automatic door.

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