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Price – soundproof window and window glass

[] a lot of families in considering the household life of comfort, most will tend to choose function of sound insulation effect better sound insulation door and window glass, actually we be when window of door of choose and buy, different types, different brand, the price also will be different, false be returned today, small make up and share with the introduction of different sound insulation door price.
Sound-proof door window glass – feng aluminum – feng aluminum aluminum was established earlier,Wooden shutters is a more typical aluminum product research and development team and brand representative.
It is mainly made of aluminum profile of 1.4mm national standard wall thickness broken bridge. It is designed with multi-cavity structure, high strength, non-deformation and open form, and has better insulation and sound insulation effect.
Sound-proof Windows and Windows glass — weidun weidun is the representative of famous aluminum industry in Germany.
Its sound insulation effect is greater than 30 decibels, more thermal insulation performance, wind resistance, mainly imported hardware, using anodization and electrostatic powder coating process for surface treatment, more high-end, its price from 680 yuan.
Sound-proof door window glass — the development of bo yi bo yi in the industry is also very good, its ability to insist on high-end quality, providing sound insulation effect quite good door window glass.
Its give priority to with powder spray technology, exterior color chooses much, support has the actual demand that the user people decorates according to ego to reside to choose, Wooden shutters Wholesale more accord with actual demand, its price is in 780 yuan or so.
Sound-proof door window glass – mercer mercer is also a German brand, quality is trustworthy, with 60 years of royal craft inheritance, seiko made, more good quality.
The company is now mainly engaged in international advanced automatic production, and is designed and built with imported high-quality materials and high-end technology, making the quality of doors and Windows significantly improved, making it an ideal choice for users, and its price starts from about 1,280 yuan.
Sound-proof door window glass — quiet time the quiet time USES conch profile and glue glass to form sound-proof door window, its integral sound-proof effect is remarkable promotion.
From the point of view of current product design, it has the performance guarantee of sound insulation, heat preservation, energy saving and corrosion resistance, and supports users to have better use enjoyment. The safety and comfort of home are significantly improved, and its price is about 1380 yuan.
About the price of door window glass of sound insulation,Wooden shutters Factory these are main introduction, can have a basic understanding first when actual bar is chosen, look at the window design circumstance of whole, whether accords with ego to reside a home demand.
In addition, it is also necessary to pay attention to the performance and safety of glass, which can reduce the possibility of problems, support more long-term use and guarantee the sound insulation effect.

The practical skill of wooden door collocation

[] the wooden door products on the market are not only different in appearance and color, but also different in material and performance, causing a lot of consumers to struggle when buying.
Actually, when wooden door of family of choose and buy home wants to consider its safety not only firm, thick solid and beautiful, consider its to decorate a style with whole household even if collocation is proper.
Sitting room wooden door graph is first, the style of wooden door and bedroom wants to coordinate the style photograph of wooden door and bedroom to want to coordinate.
For example,Vinyl shutters the space that decorates style contracted simple simple elegant suits to choose easy and concise wooden door design;
The space of classic style should consider massiness and elegant appearance style;
Lively and fresh decorate a style to be able to choose lightsome and refined wooden door design.
If domestic outfit is designed with curve for mainstream element, the design of wooden door also should take curve as ideal tie-in way.
Additional, the material of wooden door pledges also should as far as possible with indoor furniture material pledges maintain unified, make look and feel more harmonious and comfortable.
The colour of the 2nd, wooden door and the tonal color of the bedroom wooden door should maintain with the tonal sex of the bedroom, but had better not choose completely consistent color.
If indoor mass-tone attune is light color system, answer to choose the wooden door with cool color such as white oak, birch, mixture oil;
If indoor mass-tone attune is brunet, answer to choose the wooden door that teak, shabiri, walnut fastens warm color to fasten.
The colour of wooden door still should be mixed with furniture, ground is tonal close, but should produce contrast with the colour of metope, just be helpful for the administrative levels feeling that builds a space.
The door of the different collocation that basis bedroom function is appropriate 1, enter door to serve as the first safety screen that insulates indoor and outdoor,Vinyl shutters Wholesale have the important effect that defends a home to protect courtyard, accordingly, should choose safe, thick, composed wood door, still should tie-in a firm guard against theft lock.
2. The bedroom is the resting place that raises the heart to be still, need builds quiet, sweet atmosphere, accordingly bedroom door should be firm and solid, do not pervious to light, and have good sound insulation effect.
3, children room is the space that the child learns, recreation, rest, provide a safe and comfortable life environment for the child is the wish of every parent, accordingly, the choice of children room wooden door must pay attention to environmental protection, sound insulation, and the most important is safety coefficient should be high, lest child bump injury.
4, kitchen door should choose waterproof, sealing good door model, ability cuts off the lampblack that produces when cooking effectively, the vitreous wood door that brings sandblast design or half pervious to light is right choice.
5. The study is a clean place for reading and work. The wooden door used should be provided with sound insulation, good light transmittance and strong sense of design.Vinyl shutters Factory
6. What the choice of the wooden door of toilet pays attention to is illicit close sex and waterproof, can choose to design fashionable fully frosted treatment half glass door.
No matter the appearance modelling of wooden door again how fashionable atmosphere, if did not have harmony to match with bedroom space, also be just in vain idea.

Wooden door winter maintenance knowledge inventory

[] at present, as the wooden door continues to penetrate into people’s home life, the wooden door, as the surface of home decoration, is also attached great importance to maintenance and protection.
So with the weather gradually cold, the arrival of winter,Interior Shutters to affected greater wooden doors how to do winter maintenance work.
1. In winter, please pay attention to good indoor ventilation, keep the room not too dry and keep the wood door at normal room temperature. Under the humidity, prevent the wood door from deformation due to humidity and excessive temperature difference.
2. Do not always open the wooden door with hands with water stains or other solutions to avoid discoloring the door locks.
When opening wooden door or turning door lock handle, do not exert too much force, resulting in reducing the service life of wooden door lock.
Hinges, door locks and other frequently mobile hardware accessories,Interior Shutters Wholesale when loose immediately to tighten.
When the wooden door lock is not working, you can add some pencil reels to the key hole.
3, indoor temperature cannot be too high in winter (maintain at about 20 degrees appropriate), when using electric heating or other heating equipment, should be far from wooden door, lest make its be subjected to hot deformation.
4. When painting the wall, cover the wooden door to avoid coating on the surface of the product, so that the veneer material is stripped, faded, affecting the overall beauty.
5. When cleaning the stain on the outer surface of wooden door, you can use air to wet it, and then wipe it with a soft cloth. When the stain is too heavy,Interior Shutters Factory you can use toothpaste or special cleaning agent for furniture.
The above is the small make up about winter wooden door maintenance knowledge introduction, hoped that can help everybody smoothly through the cold winter.

Sound-proof window is what sound-proof window what brand is best

[] more and more people like to live in downtown areas with convenient transportation, so as to make their life more convenient.
Houses in the midtown are expensive, and there is an objectively troubling factor.
That is, the houses in the middle of the city are noisier, especially those located on both sides of the road, the houses are noisier, the sound of vehicles, the sound of speakers,Wood Shutters all kinds of noises are in people’s ears, affecting people’s life.
To bring oneself a sweet and quiet life environment, must want to choose sound-proof window, every window in the room should install sound-proof window.
Sound insulation is good, people’s life is at ease.
Sound-proof window which good?
The window of all sorts of brand on the market now, consumer people also can not differentiate its quality.
What is a sound-proof window do you know what a sound-proof window is?
The name also suggests that their main function is to block out the noise.
On the surface, they look no different from ordinary Windows, but are also made up of window frames and glass.
However, the thickness and number of layers of the glass used have changed.
Soundproof Windows are usually double or triple glazing.
The glass layer has been specially processed to provide sound insulation.
It minimizes the noise in the room.
Sound-proof window has what material to make sound-proof window which good, come to see them respectively have what different material to make up.
The sound insulation effect of window of different material differs somewhat.
Have plastic door window door door, usually their sound insulation effect can achieve 35DB above, the sound insulation effect that aluminous model coextrudes door window door door can achieve 40DB above,Wood Shutters Wholesale so consumer friends should the surroundings that lives according to oneself go choosing the sound insulation window of different material character.
Among them aluminous model material window price is a few more expensive, the service life of this kind of window is a few relatively long.
What are the characteristics of sound-proof Windows? More and more families use sound-proof Windows, because people see their real advantages and characteristics.
As a result of the use of multi-layered special material glass, the room is more warm, regardless of the weather, rain and snow, will not affect the indoor environment.
They have good waterproof performance,Wood Shutters Factory excellent impact resistance, corrosion resistance, and some anti-theft performance, for the user is a good home decoration materials.
The window that this kind pledges maintains cleanness very convenient, namely beautiful and vogue.
After knowing the advantage of sound-proof window and function, does consumer people also cannot wait to want to choose one?
In order to sleep in the morning, also must first choice soundproof window.
From now on keep yourself away from the annoyance of noise.

Composite door material introduced solid wood composite doors of the advantages and disadvantages of the big reveal

[] the solid wood composite is getting more and more attention, but how much do you know about it?
In order to facilitate you to clearly understand, in this specially collected some of the advantages and disadvantages of solid wood composite doors, to give you a reference.
The advantages of solid wood composite doors are revealed: 1.Door Jamb The technical structure of solid wood composite doors is relatively scientific, and the probability of door deformation and warping is relatively reduced.
2. High production precision in factory operations, and it is not easy to release toxic gases such as formaldehyde and benzene when painting.
3. The door body of solid wood composite door is heavy, which has the effect of heat preservation and sound insulation, and the finished product has strong impact resistance.
4. The appearance of solid wood composite door is cut wood veneer with strings, Door Jamb Wholesale with clear texture and strong aesthetic feeling.
Solid wood composite doors are as easy to damage as solid wood doors, and are afraid of water.
2. The price of solid wood composite doors is relatively more expensive than that of solid wood doors.
3. The quality of the manufacturer of solid wood composite doors may vary from high to low, so it must be carefully understood when choosing.
The solid wood that choose and buy well-known brand is compound door best: 1, the solid wood that famous brand produces is compound door with material is high-grade lumber,Door Jamb Factory although price is a bit expensive, but quality has safeguard.
2. Well-known brands have advanced technological processes and equipment, and their design styles are in line with the concept of mass consumption.
3. The after-sales service and guarantee of well-known brands are better than those of small brands, especially those with long history of enterprise development.
Wooden door is the first choice that the family decorates, it appears air, have savour, can promote the integral glamour of furniture.

Wooden door craft production is smooth good wooden door craft shows artistic demeanor

[] the process from wood to wooden door is not so simple. There are many processes in the process. Its production technology determines the price of the door, so it makes sense to be expensive.
Let’s find out what that wooden door went through.
As one of the important elements of Chinese culture and art,Window Shutters traditional Chinese log door is juxtaposed with traditional poetry, book, painting and printing art.
Traditional wood door pays attention to the combination of image beauty and inner beauty, it carries profound Chinese traditional culture with excellent wood, through the artisan attainments of art let wood door have practical characteristics, also have the effect of artistic infection culture edification.
The traditional wooden door is a work of art, not just a single material appliance.
The three main schools in the development history of traditional wooden gate in China are as follows:
Wide & quot;
The wood door of furniture of bright qing dynasty inherits Chinese excellent furniture tradition while, still absorb a lot of foreign culture art, bold absorb the form of door of furniture of luxurious, decorous Western Europe, make original pay attention to fine and contracted line foot, the style that pursues pure, use sex is strong, become pursuit richly luxurious style.
Ming and qing wooden doors for each product to make materials, even some wood even do, carving decoration, the subject is also very rich.
A considerable number of traditional patterns are based on animals and plants, such as: peony, pine, bamboo, plum, chrysanthemum, crane, fish, dragon, bat and so on.
In addition to the elaboration, in the material performance is also diversified.
Soviet style
Originated from suzhou, is the birthplace of the wooden door of bright type furniture.
Suzhou and hangzhou have been prosperous since ancient times, and are relatively developed areas of China’s economy. The handicraft industry is extremely prosperous and the business is highly prosperous, which continues to this day.
The economic boom has also made the region a cultural centre.
Below this kind of big setting, school of wooden door of su type furniture also arises at the historic moment.
Su shi wooden furniture modeling simple and easy, smooth lines, reasonable size, absorbed in the design style of song dynasty furniture, the materials on the wood a born beauty,Window Shutters Wholesale beautiful texture, especially myanmar’s material, and not grow this wood to be shipped by sea in the south of the Yangtze river in the past, wood has a daughter, so production craftsmen all appreciate, stylist also is calculated, designed the corresponding style wooden door, often out of the wood texture and size design and production of sophisticated products, make su shi furniture wood occupy the leading position for a long time.
Pekingese style Beijing
The practice of products for the inner court of Beijing.
Generally in the palace collection, sculpture theme for the dragon and phoenix theme, and the majority to wear the carving primarily, mainly used for the royal family, reflect noble elegance, solemn, atmosphere, especially the throne screen palace more emphasize the authority and status of the ruling class.
The general social class can only admire the ocean.
The traditional wooden door of China and traditional furniture share a series, in the development of thousands of years, form bright culture of national characteristic gradually.
During the tang and song dynasties, Window Shutters Factory every family lived behind the door and sat on the ground.
And ming-qing furniture wooden door’s artistic style has continued till now.
And in qing dynasty qianlong is early, the making center of furniture wooden door is still in guangdong, suzhou and Beijing, form Chinese traditional furniture wooden door in 3 schools.

The five most overlooked details of wooden doors!

[] decoration is always a pity. In daily maintenance and maintenance, there are some details that can be easily ignored.
1, wooden door to keep full open or full close state when idle for ventilation, the wooden door will open, the back button on the door stopper, finally will be wooden door closed,Plantation Shutters and not the long wooden door is open and close state, because this half closed state, will increase the pressure of hinges, if the heavy wooden door itself and is easy to cause loose doors, wooden door deformation;
At the same time, the wooden door is in the state of semi-closed. If there is a sudden strong wind, the wooden door will be suddenly closed by gravity, or directly impact the wall, causing great damage to the wooden door.
2, had better install a wooden door door everyday movable wooden door, if too hard and easy to hit the walls, wooden door, for a long time so easy to damage to the rear edges of wooden door paint drop, and the small make up recommend you install a door for wooden door, on the one hand,Plantation Shutters Wholesale the door can buffer absorption into walls, wooden door is very good at protect the wooden door, wooden door open door in wooden door open after absorption, on the other hand, can very good fixed wooden door, don’t let the wood door was blown to and fro, maintain indoor mute.

Good quality and reasonable price is worth choosing – steel wooden door

[] in people’s psychology, there is a common sense that “very expensive” means good products are expensive.
Do you have any good and inexpensive products?
Today we take a look at a good and inexpensive product – the steel door.
The characteristic of steel wood door is: green environmental protection,Wood Mouldings design fashionable and diversiform, make convenient production cycle is short, steel wood door has wooden door luxuriant exterior, steel wood door still can waterproof and moistureproof, steel wood door product intensity is good, not easy be out of shape, belong to economy model product again, it is really good and not expensive.
Because steel door product is good and not expensive, a lot of real estate business can give priority to use steel door in a lot of projects, this also can drive the development of whole steel door market.
With the introduction of steel door production equipment, the production technology of steel door has been improved continuously and the process has been improved continuously.Wood Mouldings Wholesale Steel door adopts cold rolled plate and is moulded by tens of tons of pressure machine, which has a strong three-dimensional feeling and will not appear the phenomenon of pressure penetration, pressure explosion, and also will not appear the phenomenon of blistering and uneven surface of steel plate.
The surface of the steel wood door is natural wood grain after the PVC compound model, grain is clear, face is lifelike, feel is smooth, exquisite, the product is firm and durable, have the elegant and luxuriant temperament of real wood door more.
The practicality of steel wood door and durable sex should exceed wooden door far, door of domestic steel wood of general quality pass through with a few years won’t appear big problem,Wood Mouldings Factory and steel wood door has certain waterproof function, still can be used at toilet and kitchen to wait.
Comprehensive above can see steel wooden door product is opposite other door kind product, steel wooden door can be regarded as really good and not expensive indoor door product.

What real wood door chooses after midsummer has warm meaning more

[] in the hot summer, we can smell the autumn with the cool feeling.
Autumn is the season that is shu shuang, a few appropriate color can be chosen in domestic outfit to be able to let indoor a few more warmth.
Today small make up recommend to everybody a few solid wood door,Wood Moulding take you to open the wonderful journey of autumn.
Brown solid wood door: brown solid wood door always can give a kind of thick sense of security to the person, add the wall that fastens with color, short ark and TV desk, simple and primitive style not only do not show old feeling, highlighted the sweet feeling of the home instead, although enter autumn, such home also gives a kind of warm feeling to the person.
Brown vitreous door: it is brown likewise wooden door and the wall that fastens with color, but the sofa of white and antependium let originally bleak autumn much trifling bright however, add the set off of vitreous door, small endowment languid is lazy in reveal the warmth of a different kind, dimensional colour and the choice of material character are harmonious reach the designated position.
Light wood – colored solid wood door: step over this door of a moment, you will think is walked into the home of rural hermit.
Although it may be in the most bustling neighborhood, the white seats and the light-wood-colored solid doors seem to cut you off to another space, away from the worldly bustle,Wood Moulding Wholesale where you can enjoy a leisurely and comfortable life.
Light brown solid wood door: want to choose right color can be like this apartment, have characteristic and dye-in-the-wood bedroom and kitchen.
Fashion personality of the assembly of easy metal goods rack, generous daily sundries put up.
Even if autumn comes, also cannot resist the vigor of householder radiance and individual character.
White solid wood door: a lot of people feel white wood door can show cold, actually otherwise.

What is a bamboo door? What’s the difference between a wooden door and a bamboo door?

[] door shopping is of course important, but before choosing, we should know more about door knowledge. In daily life, we do not know how to treat and distinguish wooden door and bamboo door.
What is a bamboo door?
Bamboo door is a kind of wooden door made of bamboo as raw material.
It is well known that bamboo has the characteristics of easy reproduction, fast growth, early growth, high yield, and a successful one time afforestation,Baseboard which can be selected annually and used continuously without damaging the ecological environment.
Bamboo material texture straight, color quietly elegant, material is tough, have a lot of advantage of hard broad leaf wood, it is the ideal material that produces indoor door, furniture, floor and each kind of component.
Advantages and disadvantages of bamboo door: 1. Sound insulation effect of bamboo door is good.
The sound insulation effect of the door stand or fall, also be a respect that a door of a lot of people choose should consult, bamboo wood door itself has attraction, sound insulation, reduce noise, shorten the function of because of time.
2. Small color difference is a major feature of bamboo door.
According to colour division, door of bamboo material can be divided into two kinds, it is natural color, chromatic aberration is smaller than wooden door, have rich bamboo grain, and colour is even;
Natural colors can be divided into ecru and carbonized colors, which are processed by varnish on the surface, using the most basic color of bamboo, bright and lively;
The carbonized color is gentle and elegant. Actually, it is made of bamboo after baking. The bamboo grain can still be clearly seen in the dignified and steady state.
2 it is manual go up lacquer color, lacquer makings can allocate all sorts of colour, however bamboo grain already not quite apparent, the surface treatment of bamboo door USES varnish, varnishes, inferior smooth lacquer and wear-resisting paint mostly.
3. Anti-pressure and anti-moth.
Bamboo doors have better compressive strength for moth problems,Baseboard Wholesale as many nutrients in the door are carbonized.
The bugs have no place to live.
Fundamentally eliminate the problem of worm infestation.
Bamboo door craft decided temperature to it influence is lesser, bamboo door experienced shang wen to boil (more than 40 degrees) in making process, charcoal (175 degrees, tall air pressure) dry, hot press, ultraviolet light roast lacquer wait for all sorts of high temperature link, need craft to do only sufficient, it can be used as ground popular.
4. Easy to clean and maintain.
Use wet cloth or mop wring dry wipe can, installation is easy and accurate, one step is in place, need not go up lacquer, save Labour save time, do not pollute indoor environment, easy dusting, good maintenance.
5. Bamboo and wooden doors are fashionable in appearance.
The grain of door of bamboo wood is more beautiful, colour and lustre brightness is very good, downy and sweet, odour is sweet, very helpful also to the human body health.
Especially the family that has old person and child in the home, suit to use bamboo wood door quite 6, the composition of bamboo wood door is to have small bamboo piece to pass drying and make, so the moisture treatment of bamboo wood door is more even.
It’s also less contractile.
Bamboo door unique fiber structure, are paper fiber arrangement, so not easy to produce deformation.
Bamboo door is warm in winter and cool in summer.
Bamboo, like wood, has a fibrous structure, Baseboard Factory so it has a lower thermal conductivity and better insulation.
Summer is naturally cool.
In winter in the north, the house is usually heated.
Bamboo doors are not cold.
Because of its low thermal conductivity, bamboo does not generate heat and cool.

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