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The kitchen door how to choose method of choose and buy

[] with the development of modern life, the function of the kitchen is also increasing, the original simple to wash the dishes, cooking has developed into a variety of electrical facilities (a large refrigerator, electric oven, dishwasher) into the kitchen, the kitchen door choice also diversified development.So, the kitchen door how to choose?Let’s take a look at the kitchen door selection skills.1. louvered shutter Look at the material of the door that the door, the door of the deformation, prolapse is actually there was a problem in the door.The door cover on market basically has two kinds, density board and solid wood composite board.Density board is made up of MaiJie, material such as straw, sugarcane cut into powder shape suppression and become, although its balance is good, but easy cracking deformation, wood nail holding power is poor.And solid wood multi-layer is composed of multi-layer solid wood veneer crisscrossed the overlying, have very strong eat nail force holding nail force, good stability, waterproof and moistureproof, is the first choice for the wooden door that occupy the home.2. See material pledge also there are many kinds of material, environmental protection standards?This is about to see if I can give you a written guarantee, mouth says, will have anything written in order to be in the contract.Real wood material of good cost performance;Environmental metal door is too heavy, louvered shutter Wholesale time is long will drop, easy to damage;Door plank of the lacquer that bake, but afraid of touch scratch;Blister door plank bubbles with a long time;Fire prevention board of durable resistance to rough is good.3. See if factory production equipment complete, good production equipment to make a beautiful paint effect;To control the moisture content of timber, to reduce the risk of wood craze, deformation, prolong the service life of the product.4. See the path to choose best product manufacturers selling products, in order to avoid agent for price difference, finally didn’t ensure after-sales.See agent method: if you pay attention to the label is a dealer or manufacturer, is a clear.5. The importance of installing vulgar to speak: “seven points, three partial shipments.The importance of the visible installation;After installation didn’t work,louvered shutter Factory directly affect the use effect.So to confirm whether the installation of their division is trained and related certificates of professional chefs.The kitchen is the place where home is damper, so the kitchen door requires has moistureproof waterproof function.So what material choose the kitchen door is decorating the owners need to have a good choice.

Wood Windows and doors acceptance of 5 points

[] 1, locks, lock to smoothly, the lock on the door leaf and door frame to fit two parts: the lock is not suitable, will cause the door leaf switch does not freely.Lock tongue plate shall be unloaded, groove with a chisel repair tongue, adjust the door lock tongue mouth position again after installation.In addition to decorate the first net remind, door open direction also shall conform to the requirements.2,Custom Shutter door to door to founder, not buckling deformation, door to door just can plug into the door window frame, and in conformity with the door window frame: if the door gap is big, fan and casing is mainly due to installation shaved is inaccurate or door window frame and the ground is not vertical, casement door can be unloaded to shaved;Such as door and window is not vertical, should be within the frame plate gasket for straight.3, appearance is beautiful: wood doors and Windows to smooth the surface of the film, light, no flow, quality defects such as bubbles, wrinkles, no corrosion points, dead section, the broken; Custom Shutter Wholesale Infiltrate right window use should be coordinated with door to door wood, color wood, wood veneer and lines are not big color difference, tree species should be the same.4, hinges to position accurately, installation is firm, if the hinge is on, can lead to doors and Windows set do not match, fan and casing window switch is not smooth.Each hinge can be under a screw first, then adjust the doors and Windows of inosculation, fan and casing adjust again after repair and correct tighten all the screws.If the hinge screws, nail or screw on the inside, without screw, screw or twist Angle, will cause the door to door to play around.Should be replaced right screws, screw must be straight, when screw should be nails into a third, the rest to turn in.Have basic materials: in 5, doors and Windows of the window is made of joinery board or density board, should first basal plate fixed on the window frame at the grass-roots level keel, nail line again;After the door should be made from wood frame, plane,Custom Shutter Factory the plane straight, then molding assembly is installed on the wall, and covers the base plate and garnish panel.Decorate the first net remind use hand knock door sets of side board, if empty drum, means that no bottom cushion joinery board board at the grass-roots level, should remove redo.

Washing machine of choose and buy must master the four required courses

[] four required course for the choose and buy a washing machine at the same time to check the quality of the parts.Open the lid, requests the barrel level off is smooth, no problem.Pulsator and barrel around the gap requirements at about 1 mm to 1.5 mm.Turn the pulsator by hand,Plantation Interior Shutters or so flexible rotation, no abnormal sound.By hand press the keys on the control panel switches, rotary timer or a program controller, demanding movements.Then turn electric test.Double barrel, semi-automatic washing machine can request pulsator is running.Time will be regularly, then a buzzer alarm.Take off the bucket can turn, open the cover, to take off the bucket to take off the bucket can be stop, stop running.Requirements will be effected according to the procedures set by the washing machine operation.Into, drainage control valve is normal.Finally according to the manual check accessories complete, the function is good, and so on.Use caution: washing machine also need more “caress” household electric washing machine according to the control mode can be divided into: normal, semi-automatic and fully automatic washing machines;According to the washing mode can be divided into: Plantation Interior Shutters Wholesale pulsator, agitator and drum washing machine;According to the structural form can be divided into: single barrel, double barrel, sleeve and platen washing machine.Before when using the washing machine, washing out the pockets of COINS, sundry, with metal buttons clothes should be metal button on the QQ, and flip clothes, make metal buttons do not appear, in case of damage of metal in the process of washing and other hard objects dolly tub and pulsator.Note that a XiYiLiang shall not exceed the specified amount of washing machine, water shall not be less than offline tags, to avoid motor due to overload overheat, insulation aging impact life;Wash water temperature is unfavorable and exorbitant, is 40 ℃, the highest should not be more than 60 ℃ (except for high temperature disinfection washing machine drum),Plantation Interior Shutters Factory so as to avoid burning the dolly tub or cause plastic ageing, the deformation.Every time after the laundry, to clean water, clean with clear water washing machine barrel;Use dry cloth to wipe dry washing machine inside and outside the water droplets and water;The various knobs, buttons on the dashboard recovery in situ;Drainage switch indication in the closed position, and then placed in dry ventilated place.

Chongqing wind wood tip: wood antiseptic do?

[] buy wood door friend you know?Wood is also the need for anti-corrosion treatment.Treatment and necessary to protect the wood and extend the service life of wood play a very important role.The wood preservative treatment do?Let the name of chongqing wind wood door to tell you.1. Indoor Shutter Keep the wood quality and quality of timber anticorrosion method is with wood preservatives containing the anticorrosive, insect-resistant role on log preventive treatment, prevent log by color, wood rotting fungi, wood pests such as biological, can avoid log in storage (especially in summer) and transportation of metamorphism, keep log of the quality and quality.Thus saving wood, cut (due to cut off bad end) economic losses.2.Indoor Shutter Wholesale The loss of many enterprises at home and abroad in the process of cutting processing, transportation, because in the process of processing and greatly uneven wood (sawn timber, lumber) to prevent discoloration, mouldproof, resulting in further processing or export wood discoloration, after have to dig out or sawed wood look and end part has changed color, caused great waste, export material has claim for compensation, further economic damage.

How to choose wood color

[] wooden door in the domestic market has been popular with consumers, firmly occupy the mainstream status.Wooden door market development, it meet the diversified demands of consumers.In addition to consumers widely concern about the quality and design,Poly Shutters the color of the wood door is also problem in consumers.How choose wood color?Wood wood color rendering method 1, because the wooden door of the bedroom facade functional accessories, in general, wooden door with the dumb mouth of household furniture, metope lacquer, window correlation is larger.With the correlation of the floor is relatively small.2, when be being moved for warm color when bedroom environment, relatively wooden door can choose the warm color, such as: cherry, teak, shabili.When moved for cool color when bedroom environment, should choose a bit more shallow wood door relatively, if mix oily white, birch, etc.3, wooden door should is close to quite with the color of furniture, should schoolfellow covers dumb mouth to keep consistent (now the suit door a lot of window that contains form a complete set of dumb mouth, skirting board, line that protect part),Poly Shutters Wholesale should have correspondence with metope colour quality.Such as: use white wooden door that mix oil had better let metope lacquer contain colour.Such ability can let a room have administrative levels feeling, unapt too “smooth” also can make room effect feels particularly pure and fresh.4, the colour of the ground should maintain same quality sex with the harmony of wooden door (e.g., cold, warm), but had better not agree.Prevent the ground with metope muddleheaded not clear, abate bedroom space feels.5, big, or the sun good room, can choose deeper black hu tao, can creating an itself of more composed atmosphere effect colour is beautiful, not for wrong.Coordinate in collocation completely on, Poly Shutters Factory if you really don’t know idea, can choose white, white is the most not easy to get wrong colors!Is one of the wood colors and household collocation, want to consider an outfit in furniture, floor, wall and the collocation of color effect.Different kinds of wood made of color have some differences, not because of the type of accommodation wood and ignore the collocation of colour and decoration design.

Guard against theft that seventy percent consumers choose to put a good three

[] security door of choose and buy don’t covet is cheap, because security doors and evil people mixed up the market.At present the production security doors nearly 2000 enterprises, that does not include a large number of unregistered underground factory, cause security doors price disparity, from 400 yuan to 2000 yuan.Recently, qualitative inspect branch of security doors sampling found that 70% of the product is unqualified.To this, a new national security door safety standards will be formally introduced in the first quarter of this year.Recently,panel shutters minhang disappear is protected appoint repeatedly received consumer complaints about the quality of the security door, a manufacturer was complaints 6 times, including mediation failed twice.As the young lady ordered a security doors, decoration found after the completion of opening and closing is difficult, when the doorbell rang rang, uneven surface, the paint is not uniform.Mediation, the manufacturer said consumers out 200 yuan to give change, otherwise rejected.Ms Yang can only choose litigation solution.Home buyers to remind security door of choose and buy should pay attention to put a good three: one is to check quality of the door.Prevent damage function is the most important function of anti-theft door, ask distributors when buying to show proof of ministry of public security detection qualified.Should check body weight at the same time, the general should be in more than 40 kilograms, panel shutters Wholesale the steel plate thickness of the frame should be in 2 millimeter above, and can be removed through the cat’s eye, the bell box or lock handle and so on to check the internal structure, the thickness of the steel plate should be in 1 millimeter above, several root in strengthening reinforced, gates had better have asbestos etc which has the function of fire prevention, heat preservation, sound insulation materials as fillers.Locks to check to see if adopted by the ministry of public security detection qualified special locks, anti-theft and at the same time, the lock should have more than 3 mm thickness steel plate to protect.The second is to choose the appropriate size.Should be according to the door of the bedroom size, open direction, color decorative pattern such as actual requirements to choose the appropriate anti-theft security door.The appearance of the door surface paint layer should be uniform color, no scratch, bubble.Three is to check the installation quality.After installed security doors, consumers should first check the key fittings such as single, insurance policy,panel shutters Factory invoice and after sales service and the information is provided with the security door manufacturer of parts and materials are consistent, less keys must not happen.Open locks, lock should be relaxed and flexible, no card lag phenomenon, the doors open at 90 degrees in the process, should be flexible, no resistance, sound, etc.

A cold snap hit The wooden door of your home maintenance?

[], a few days ago a cold hit the whole continent, cold winter, your wooden door to do the maintenance?Today, let us together to discuss the winter wooden door maintenance rule!In the winter of wooden door maintenance method: 1, each item want to use for a long time, Painted Shutters that will be careful to maintain!Wood is very spiritual, can know the spring and autumn, changes in temperature, known as wet and dry.As a result of the wooden door performance is good, good environmental protection, damage convenient maintenance, good sound insulation effect, so the modern technology so developed, people still like to install the wooden door.Wooden door of utilization is higher than that of other materials.Painted Shutters Wholesale But frequent repairs wooden door will collapse, so how to maintain wooden door becomes the important subject of many users.So what are our daily distortions, and wooden door?What problems should pay attention to?How to ensure keep?2, use notice daily movable wooden door, wooden door remember too hard and easy to hit the walls, wooden door,Painted Shutters Factory for a long time so easy to cause behind the wooden door edge paint fallen and broken.Suggest install a door stopper on the back of the wooden door, on the one hand, can buffer into walls, wooden door, on the other hand can be fixed wooden door as well.

Real wood door should be affected with damp be affected with damp, why?

[] installed in indoor door, the most high-end is real wood door, so we will first consider when the choose and buy, after all, quality, technology and so on various aspects is very good, but can not deny the fact that real wood door in the process of using also can appear the phenomenon of be affected with damp be affected with damp, it is because of what?Since the quality is guaranteed, that in the process of we use why still appear such circumstance? PVC Shutter A lot of friend expressed is very confused, today small make up you and take a look at all of our domestic outfit real wood door appear the phenomenon of be affected with damp be affected with damp, exactly because of what reason.At the time of real wood of choose and buy, we will certainly be inquired about their quality, moistureproof function, will certainly to real wood paint on the surface of the process of identification, after all, a perfect paint processing technology not only makes the appearance of the door leaf is bright beautiful, also can to door core wood play a protective role, so the door leaf surface paint will be complete on our wood moisture is has a lot to do, so many consumers choose a big brand indoor door,PVC Shutter Wholesale after all the big brands of door leaf in its material and surface treatment process is very perfect, also have a certain guarantee its quality.And now that quality can be guaranteed, so real wood door still appeared the phenomenon of be affected with damp be affected with damp, be why?This is about to consider to how our usual maintenance and prevention, such as when we were in clean real wood door, do you have any in a timely manner will be on the surface of the water to wipe clean, in the process of using,PVC Shutter Factory ever speak splash on the surface of the water, moreover is the change in the weather, the arrival of the rain will usually have a lot of moisture, during this time we have to observe the real wood door and keep moisture and moisture of the work, this is all we need to consider the problem.After all, the real wood door is made of wood, is likely to appear the phenomenon of be affected with damp be affected with damp, it also requires us to take more care when using and love.

The principle of choose and buy of cast aluminum door Cast aluminum door installation method

[] cast aluminum door, with high-end, the atmosphere, the characteristics of the design is novel, generally used for villa front door, garden door.So how cast aluminum door of choose and buy?How to install?Below, the website for you about aluminum door under the principle of choose and buy and installation method, hope you can help to you.One, the choose and buy of cast aluminum door principle 1, matching the principle of selection of cast aluminum door in design, color, style and frame set, whole and indoor decoration style, color,Wooden Window Shutter decorative pattern, such as harmonious collocation, to produce a complete and unified adornment effect.Dla statue of strop aluminum door with feng shui, riches and honour, peace and happiness four series of hundreds of patterns, dozens of back style, there is always one is you want.2, the principle of safe either outdoor or indoor door, all need to have good sound insulation, anti-theft, impact resistance ability, can use the security, and therefore must be asked when choosing cast aluminum door which has explosion-proof, anti-theft, fire prevention, sound insulation and other characteristics.3, durable persistence principle a high-grade aluminum door durability durability also is critical, appearance quality of cast aluminum plate adopt international standard aluminum ingots, blasting oxidation processing, then the pure polyester plastic spraying, through 200 degrees high temperature solidification, strong adhesion, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance and resistance to yellow degeneration etc, can guarantee variant in ten years, no oxidation, do not fade.Two, cast aluminum door installation method 1,Wooden Window Shutter Wholesale at the time of the contract will be reserved embedded iron the hole size and location of the review, to ensure that the installation can run smoothly when the door installation.2, including personnel and tools, installation.The tools required level, electric hammer, socket wrench, 5, 6 of the six Angle wrench, hammer, screwdriver, etc.3, according to the size of the door without frame to determine the position of installing custom hinge, door frame into the doorway,Wooden Window Shutter Factory with adjusting frame after the horizontal and vertical, pay attention to gear up and down and around hinge, don’t change the mistake.4, after everything done work, according to door leaf weight by human or mechanical arm arm will hang hinge, door leaf hang doors before good door leaf is external drive, or inside.After five hinge, door leaf hangs up, debugging to ensure its normal operation.6, the installation of the locks.7, the final installation, installation and technical personnel for final test and operation.

Wave window design has what function

[] window, usually rectangular or trapezoidal to bump, outdoor glass are fitted on three sides.Large pieces of glass daylighting and wide windowsill, make people have a broader field of vision, more give romantic color to life.Different forms of window design will produce different effect,Wood Shutter of course, different wave design window function is different also.Some people like the wave window called the bay window, because the window is usually rectangular or trapezoidal towards the outside.Now many domestic residential also USES the bay window design, not only the pursuit of appearance, but also pay attention to practical.In general bedroom is equipped with large Windows, not only can enjoy plenty of indoor light, still can get a good view of the beautiful outdoor landscape, advocate lie the window more warm and quiet.Wave can also serve as a good viewing window.Using the wave window on the other hand is the sufficient lighting.Wave window into a lounge, window into a rest place, reading, drink afternoon tea, Wood Shutter Wholesale you can also set up a friend talk to spend time together.Wave window change room, two tatami mat, chess chat over a cup of tea has a good place to go.Compared to other places here not only with the sitting room ventilated daylighting, can also look to the outside world, why not trying to enjoy the stars or the sun wakes people might as well try.Wave window design into bed!If the window is rather large, there are two or three meters long, 1 meter wide, can put the design wave window into a small bed, retain the original marble mesa, the lighting glass (mostly wave is three sides daylighting window) hung Roman shade or normal running again add a curtain between wave and the bedroom window.When not the entire window is romantic court behind the modelling, gently pull open, is the bed of the sleeping beauty.Wave window change to receive a visitor area if the window is enough big, put a few comfortable cushion, cushion for leaning on, you can change to a receive a visitor area, with three to five people can be tea, chat, play CARDS.Wave turns into a workbench window in the floating window to place a folding table, a workshop was so.Wood Shutter Factory Although the function of the wave window is numerous, beautiful and easy to reflect the level, live in class but still be careful window design, high energy-saving residential and residential floor more should pay attention to the rationality of the design of bay window and security.

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